stupid moon


I am 
I am never ever ever again going to attempt a moon shot
  I might 
out of frustration 
 the sky 
shooting the moon
 with a camera

  Sour grapes?


I was psyched
 Toonman was going with me
  I was going to wait til 11:25
 walk to West End at 79th
 at the top of the hill
 with all 
of the
 Hudson River 
New Jersey 
spread out before me 
 I was going to get
of the 
Super Moon
casting light 
on the 

had been a busy day
 I had errands 
I had beautification
 I considered a nap
 11:30 is well past when my eyes decide to shut
I didnt nap 
I knew
I could stay awake 
Toonman would help
I would stay awake
  we watched lots
 of what we call
 catch up TV 
3 or 4 of the programs 
we record to watch without commercials at an hour when I can still keep both eyes open 
did I mention I fall asleep around 9:30?  

Well at 10:30
 stiffling yawns 
considering my options 
I said 
lets go up on the roof
see what we can see
 that way 
if we cant see the moon
I can go to sleep

 lets face it 
every other time 
there's been a major moon shot
 the skies here have been
lacking stars
 even before we walked the circumference of the rooftop
 it was obvious
 the sky was starless
 it was 
the clouds 
 off to the south 
(I know it was south, Lauren, because Toonman said it was)
 there seemed
 to be
 lighter area
 to the clouds 
as if behind it 
 hiding this immense moon
 closer to the earth
 than it will be again for many years 
brighter than its been before

if thats where
 the sucker was hiding
 it stayed hid

we went back downstairs
 I went to bed 
 Moon wins 
I give up 
I am never going to try this again

no, I didnt take this shot I stole it


  1. I'm so glad you knew where south was! :)
    We had no moon here as well.

  2. Awww, know how you feel Daryl, we had so much rain here we didn't even see an outline of the moon, let alone anything to shoot. We needed the rain though, so there's good in everything.

  3. I know how you feel... I went looking for it too, nope not a single bit of a view!

  4. we had clear skies, i was up, did notice the weird bright light in the sky, and FORGOT that it was the super moon, no pics...have been whipping myself for two days.

  5. At least I can try to take moon shots from my deck -- but regardless, they never come out as I want them too. One reason is that I really need to get a tripod (last one broke, long story).

  6. I have tried moon shots and have never ever ever been happy with them. So I stopped trying. And so it is:-)
    I stayed up until 11:30 on Saturday night because I was watching a good movie on HBO or Showtime.

  7. I can't take a decent moon shot. Admitting my one and only fault... LOL

  8. yep, me too. out in jams in the parking lot. stealth is not my forte, door slamming is.

  9. I'm still laughing .......
    Thanks for the Monday smile.. glad I wasn't drinking
    tea at the time !

  10. You're so funny Daryl that was hilarious. Moon shots are so tricky, I can't believe how lucky I was, I went out, took a few shots went back inside to change cameras and when I got back out two mins later...poooof it was gone behind a thick bank of clouds, and as I said it was a pretty rubbish shot made so much better with the help of Picasa. Next year hey!!

  11. so what I need to know is --- will you be taking more shots of the moon?
    just askin'

  12. Oh it was gorgeous here. I took a few hots of it, but none of my photos are amazing or anything. One, that i took with a long exposure, totally looked like a penis. Figured that's totally fitting for me. Ha! Anyway, I'm sure if you'd gotten a good view your photo would've been awesome. :)

  13. Daryl, aaah, sorry you missed it! I thought we were going to miss it too! I didn't catch it at the precise time, but a couple of hours later, cause it had been cloudy. But you know what, it was just a full moon. It's always pretty and I love to look at it. But, to tell you the truth, I didn't see any difference from what it usually looks like. Truth be told I was a bit disappointed. It was pretty, but it always is! Hope the rest of your weekend went well and that you have a great week!

  14. didn't work out for me either. two nights in a r9ow, nothing but clouds. and i have this new lens and all!!! and since youasked, it's a sigma 70-300mm with macro capability. it has no image stanilization which i am learning to deal with when going for the macro things but it was too good a deal and it shoudl allow me the versatility to get some good sports shots of my son AND get the itty bitty macro shots.

  15. My son was at the lake, with HIS camera and when I asked him if he took a photo, he looked at me like WTH? No. He did not.

    Even if I had had it, there were clouds here too.

    All was not lost...this was a funny post LOL LOL but I'm sorry you did not get the shot :(

  16. So sorry Daryl! It was raining early- but after midnight I went back out and got some shots!



  17. I can empathize. We got GREAT clear sky views of a gorgeous big bright moon on the way home from a weekend trip up north (it was festival time again :)) but by the time we finally got home and got the car unpacked and the kids cleaned up I was so tired that I plum forgot. Oops.

  18. Most peoples descriptions of their experiences are a YAWN - but you just crack me up, Daryl. Imagining the two of you up there waiting is so silly & sweet.

    I love you guys, and glad you stole a good one :-)

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  19. We had clouds too, but I think it still would have been okay.
    Had I not fallen asleep that is!!! :-(

  20. but you tried, that's something. I was able to see the moon in it's glory once and never again after that.

    hope you have a sweet spring.

  21. You tell a great story girl!!! Love that!! I can relate picture did NOT come out looks like a white spot.

    I am glad you were able to steal a great shot!

  22. Being prepared to stay up late is very brave! And you do tell a good story.
    My intrepid photographer was away from home, in a cloudy place, when the moon rose. My good camera isn't working (remind me to pack it to take to the coast to a friend who can fix it) so I got snapshots of a big yellow moon behind trees. I'll send you one.

  23. I'm laughing over here! Oh, look at you, staying up late! No matter you didn't get it ... one of these days you will ... we should make it a girl party one of these full moons in the future!

  24. I had a big day at the art show in the heat and I didn't even consider going out. You beat me on that count.

  25. Yep, I went out there too and looked up at the sky. Nothing, nothing at all! Boo! I've taken many photos of the moon but, since it's been a while, I thought...why not? Afterall, it's a SUPER moon. But, I've come to realize, it doesn't change. The craters haven't moved (I don't think) and the angle is about the same. OK, maybe the color changes with the atmosphere but it'll back. I'll catch it in about 28 days...a sub-super moon! Congrats on the effort! And don't forget the 'Sunny 16" rule when you do shoot that moon!

  26. HaHa! That elusive moon! I have to say I am not sure why we keep trying to take its picture:)


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