all my weekend plus camera bag review

there's a mouthful of a post title
 if you follow me on Instagram 
you've likely seen a lot of this weekend
 in little square photos

 you are excused
 from the opening portion
 of this photo filled post

 of course 

then you'd miss the good BIG camera shots

come on back 
for the camera bag review 

moving along

Amtrak'd it to Philly 
Reena met me
we drove to Maryland
 to Kate's 
(if you click here and here you'll see more better pix of the weekend)

we sat outside
 with George 
playing toss the toy 
while we decided where to go for lunch

Bayard House on the water in Chesapeake City

we shared this amazing mango torte

Reena and Kate

took the obligatory shoot one another shot 

we, well actually Kate 
'ran' into this black snake
but you'd have thought it was a cobra
 the way the store owners reacted

we wandered in/out of antique-y shops

leaving Chesapeake City 
we drove to a horse farm 
nearby along 
the shady leafy lanes

 and got to meet these adorable foals

in the evening
 we had dinner with The Professor
in Bryn Mawr

 that's Kate's Viejo Estilo 
you should have heard her order it
she sounded like she was a native Tequilian

we went to 
Chestnut Hill
 after brunch at 

is my favorite photo 
of the weekend
 it was taken by Reena's daughter Alex,

 thank you Alex!

Still with me?

I've been searching for a camera bag since I got my Nikon D90
 I've never wanted a camera bag
 that is an actual camera bag
that would also hold my personal crap 
of which there is a lot 
metrocard case
camera connecter cable
spare battery
iPad photo adaptor
iPad photo adaptor cable
iPhone charger and its cable

so you see I needed something 

I started out using a tote bag with pockets 
 it had no padding
 I worried about bumping into something 
a valid worry for a klutz like me

I bought two Crumpler holster type camera bags 
the first fit the D90 and its kit lens
when I got the 28-300 lens it needed a bigger bag
that worked
 but it didnt hold all those extras
I bought a Marc Jacobs Messenger bag
it was almost perfect
it had no padding 
I shattered an expensive UV filter

back to looking for the perfect bag

I was snooping around Helene's blog 
where I read about
Lowpro's Passport Sling

B&H Photo 
as well as many other outlets sell

B&H has a great return policy 
so I bought it there and test drove it this weekend

here's what I discovered

all of this

3 miscellaneous zipper bags of the aforementioned stuff plus
kleenex, wallet, keys, my big lens, my macro lens, and connecter cable

fits nicely in here

there are 3 nice outside pockets
the pocket I put my wallet in can hold a bottle of water

the lens sits inside a nicely padded removeable thing
I am sure there's a real name for it

all in all a good bag at a very good price
I think I'll keep it


 have you seen

thanks for wading through all this
I should say no one paid me for this review
no one gave me anything
all these words are mine
who else is so verboise?