hangin' out

what are
 your plans 
the weekend?

sitting outside in the sunshine reading?


  1. We are basically 'homebound' for the next few weeks so if the rain will stay away I'm going to play in the dirt and plant some veggies and flowers. If it rains, I'll sit on the porch and enjoy the day!
    What are your plans?

  2. LOL- That's me!

    Fond Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>


  3. bwahahaha! Me too! That would be nice!!! Although, I would be happier with a Starbucks along with my reading material!!

  4. Ha, good one. I have a photo similar to this, but the guy is reading major porn...cover 'unfit' for CDP...?

  5. I've been hanging outside reading nearly all week long and probably will continue into the weekend. It has been just beautiful here in Tulsa this year. Gonna spend time with friends, rest, read and just enjoy my world. Have a great weekend.

  6. Not here! It's supposed to be cold and crappy - as usual! I'm done with spring.

  7. Heavy rain all weekend forecast here so I won't be sitting outside more's the pity.

  8. Vintage shopping with Aimee (Saturday) and yes I would love to get five minutes to carry on reading Cloudia's book. Oh and yay!! my son is coming over from Sydney on business in Perth so we get to catch up for breakfast on Sunday morning, sooooooo looking forward to seeing him. Have a great weekend Daryl, look forward to reading about it.

  9. Softball and (maybe) the Three Stooges movie with my little nephew. Should be fun.

  10. The 85-degree temperatures of last weekend have been replaced with 45 degrees and snow on the surrounding mountains! BTW...I LOVE this image!

  11. You crack me up. I may sit outside and read . . . we may have company on Sunday . . . I also have to do a photo thing for school on Saturday night. Fun!

  12. We're having a lot of rain here, but I have things to do. Not exactly anyone else's idea of "busy, busy, busy" but it is for me.

  13. Was the weather really nice enough to do this today???
    We had 29 degrees and 50 mph winds.
    A truly nasty day! :-(

  14. HeeHee! Great shot! We have my two older grandchildren for the weekend so I will be very busy for sure and will be getting to bed early myself because they get up at the crack of dawn:)

  15. great shot... I am tempted to
    get shots of the people 'hanging' out downtown...
    but you only need to chase me once to put an
    end to that....

    Beautiful weather here... out and about
    this morning.... cameras in tow of course

  16. Catching up ... this is a great shot ... so NYC!


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