water tower wednesday - noisy

I've been 
a lot of photos 
using my iPhone 
there's even a term for it

 I was going to give props 
to a comment leaving blog friend 
for coining the word 
she said it wasnt original to her 

I started noticing
 it was being used 
a lot 

interesting how that happens 
you learn about something

 I digress
 the reason 
I've been using iPhoneography 
has to do 
 my point&shoot 
being cranky:
looks good 
til it gets downloaded
 turns out
 its not in focus
 at all 

 cant make up my mind 
what brand camera 
I want to replace the dying Olympus with

 I also have a honkin' BIG
 (and wonderful) 
Nikon D90 
with several lenses

 I need
I can put
my pocket 

any recommendations? 

til I figure this out 
I'll be using the iPhone 

you can see from this very noisy shot why


  1. I am beginning to use my Iphone camera more ..
    easier to use in places ( like work ) where they
    frown on any photography.

    I'm partial to all things Nikon and have a
    little coolpix P310 which is super.. when I remember to grab on the way out and about.

  2. Also partial to Nikon, but my son has a Canon that takes excellent photos...I'm beginning to use my Iphone more too!

  3. I have the same camera you do. My friend has a Lumix, not sure which model, but maybe check it out. It runs for around $400. Your photo people will know!

  4. oh, the noise is SO LOUD! ;-)
    for my little pocket camera, I use a Canon SD1100is. Not great but not bad and small.And most likely no longer made.

  5. That's gorgeous Daryl - a work of art! Do you really need another camera?
    I've been given a Lumix DMC-TZ20, which is decidedly pocket-sized and works beautifully (even has GPS!!!)

  6. Bummer. I love my Canon -- but it's not all that small.

  7. My one co-worker just showed me her new Olympus Pen, it was small and took great pics (although the lens she had on it had difficulty taking very close up pics).

    Neat pics, reminds me of Marry Poppins. Happy WW!

  8. I don't have a smartphone, just a dumb one so I don't get very good pics with it. I'm lusting after a canon rebel T3i (or T3 which is cheaper). Love the pic, it's all fuzzy and soft.

  9. I love my iPhone and my photos since October surely show that obsession!

    I also have a Nikon Coolpix S8100 that works well and takes nice photos, that's the one my daughter tries to hijack everytime she goes to a concert! This model has recently be replaced with the S8200 which was reviewed by Digital Photography School here http://www.digital-photography-school.com/nikon-coolpix-s8200-review. It's worth a look.

  10. i love my smaller kodak and totally love my big honking d 70 and extra lenses too... and my phone (moterolla droid) does a decient close up pic.

  11. I love this!!
    looks like it belongs in a wonderful children's book about NYC

  12. Daryl, noisy but nice! It adds to the overall shot I think! Can't recommend a small camera, both of mine are big and I'm not up to date on them at all.

  13. Well you certainly get some great shots with your iPhone!

  14. What a gorgeous sky Daryl!

    If you can get your hands on a Canon PowerShot G10, I can highly recommend it. It's a fantastic little camera.
    If I were looking and could not get the G10, I would be considering the G12 model of the same camera.

  15. Love my old Canon PowerShot but much better ones out there now. Still even with all the noise, great sunset shot!

  16. I just started getting into "iphonography" it's kind of fun! good luck in your search for a replacement!

  17. Even though it has a few issues after 4 years of use/abuse, I am completely in love with and devoted to my Canon Power Shot. I wouldn't change if someone paid me, not just because I look forward to change like a root canal. It's a wonderful little camera.

  18. My son-the-chef-in-Brooklyn has used an Elph for years....wonderful photos! I don't know the model, but it is a tiny little thing.

  19. My first digital was a Sony Cybershot. I go to dpreview.com to check out stuff.

  20. Now that I HAVE and iPhone :) I'll probably use it more. David's camera is Canon SX20 something Power Shot and it's a good one, but not small.

    This photo looks like an artist painted it and I like it!

  21. From everything I understand and have seen from my son's and his girlfriend's phones, the iPhone camera is excellent. Why look further?


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