three on thursday - strike up the band

when did I take this photo?
 it was last summer 
maybe the summer before that 

I dont remember 
I do know where it was taken
 in front of 
Columbus Avenue 
at one of the summer's 
street festivals

So nosy bloggers want to know
do you now 
did you ever 
play an instrument?

I really wanted to play piano
my grandfather wanted to buy me a baby grand
my mother, oh so wise, vetoed it
as a child 
she took piano lessons 
she knew me well enough to know 
I would lose interest 
as soon as it became 
a lesson 
a lark
Oh so wise was my mother

Tell me about your music lessons


  1. I can still play TAPS on the trumpet.. but maybe I am not
    as long winded as I use to be and it takes a lot of air to
    get music out of that thing...

  2. but there is 5 of them?
    Your mother was indeed wise!
    I played the violin for a brief moment.

  3. musical instruments!! Except...choir...does that count?

  4. I played classical flute for about 10 years, and was pretty good at it. Sadly, I caved to peer pressure and gave it up when I went off to college as "not cool". I've tried to pick it back up a few times since then but aside from still remembering how to play Stairway to Heaven by heart it quickly became apparent that my life had moved on in a different direction.

  5. I played the flute for 10 years or so, took guitar lessons in college and hated it though I think it had more to do with being a graded class than the instrument (so I'm considering another go at it) and I was in a bagpipe band for a few years where I did play the bagpipes- even marched in the Baltimore St Paddy's Day parade once. The Brat Child has been talking about playing the piano.

  6. I was forced to take piano lessons, organ lessons, and I volunteered to learn how to play the clarinet. Can't play any of them to this day. Force simply isn't an option with my personality. Love the shot!

  7. Played piano for years...wish I'd kept it up.

  8. piano, was never good, had no encouragement... son played ofr several years he was good... i still have his piano in my house :)

  9. I never had instrument lessons but we did have an old piano on which I could play a couple of tunes by ear. I can't read music though. I have to say I would love to be able to play the piano properly but not much chance of that now as my fingers are all knarled with arthritis.

  10. I took clarinet in the fifth grade and they moved me up to the bass clarinet which I hated. So of course, I dropped!

  11. Daryl, no instruments here. My mother was an accomplished pianist, my daughter is very good with the trumpet, flute, fife, my 9 year old granddaughter is just starting with the guitar.
    Mum wanted to teach but it never took!

  12. My grandmother played piano for the silent movies; my mother plays the piano, therefore I had no choice but to take piano lessons. I liked it OK but hated the recitals. Too much pressure.

  13. I love to listen to music, live or otherwise, but my music lessons-0.

    I bonk the xylophone for my little granddaughter Mila. She thinks I'm great.

  14. considering the weather it could have been today
    they 're groovin'

    I was assigned the French Horn in middle school and I was awful

  15. Flute. No private lessons, just junior high school music class. I played for three years, 6th, 7th & 8th grade & I was very very good...first chair in band for two years. And amazingly enough, in all that time, I could never read music. The band director would hum the flute melody & I could play it right there, spot on but could not do it on my own. I still have my flute...I can't bear to get rid of it.

  16. Took dance lessons for years and oh so wanted to be a Rockette! I even went back to class after I married. Gee, I was in much better shape then! LOL When I bought my house, I bought an upright piano...I really wanted piano lessons as a child BUT never told anyone. Now, I'm still not taking lessons but have managed to learn a few songs. Hmmmm, I really need to dust that piano off!

  17. I took piano lessons from a mean old teacher who made me cry.. often. Hated it. It turned me off piano for years. I taught myself some guitar. Thankfully, my son is very musically talented. I inherited my mother's beautiful old piano and now I know who will inherit it from me.

  18. I took years of piano lessons (my parents have a baby grand) so I can read music; then I learned folk guitar. I have no talent; no amount of practicing was going to cure that. My mother loves to play piano, and one of my brothers plays multiple instruments. I also can't sing -- at.all. But when I was in grad school I ran sound for a local reggae band (band lasted about 5 months). That's my only claim to musical fame.

  19. A few years of piano. Forty years later and still I wish I had taken more lessons. Not that I have a piano to play on. HA
    I was first taught by one of my sisters. That did not go well! She played beautifully, still does, but.... My mother was wise and hired someone to teach me.

  20. Sixth grade. Clarinet. Ugh! Didn't last long. Thank goodness

  21. Piano, taught by a sweet nun. I love piano. Wish I could play better.


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