monday monologue - hipstamatic

I did get to leave early on Friday 
yea me!  

Toonman was still working 
I had to wait to totally unlax 
after his client left 
he had to borrow 
my iMac 
to do some editing stuff 
his iMac 
wasnt happy doing
its going to get an attitude 
(and DVD/CD player/recorder) 
adjustment today

was a typical beautification™ day 
unfrizzed my hair 
I did a little wandering 
by the vet to pick up Rosie's special food 
setting up a blood work appointment for the end of the weeek
 Rose has chronic kidney disease 
but she's still got at least 7 lives left 
not to worry  

a quick stop at

then home 
where I downloaded the clever 

at Polished 
made my nails a happy spring-like lavender leaning toward heliotrope 

I did a little wandering 
with both iPhone and P&S 

Peter Woytuk 
had tweeted that his hens were 
installed on the Broadway Mall between 75-76 Streets 
from Fairway 
which is sort of a perfect setting 
3 hens

I started off 
in the street 
then got brave 
climbed up into the Mall 
careful not to step on any of the small leave tips 
beginning to poke up through the earth 
from the spring bulbs planted there

I got several nice snaps with the P&S

I took a shot with the Hipstamatic app

hey you lookin' at me?

Love these hens

I wandered back uptown 
stopping at a shop on Broadway 
where the window is filled 
with amusing rubber duckies 
Toonman says reminds him of the Cow Parade 

No one paid me to pimp these places and things 

I hope you enjoyed the new to me Hipstamatic photos as much as I did taking them!


  1. Cute toes. I'm more of a silver girl myself :).

    Love the hens. Actually, I love everything I've ever seen of Peter Woytuk's.

    Have a great day!

  2. I thought hipstamatic meant a pulled muscle

    love the hens
    their big bodies and tiny heads are so sweet

  3. What a nice weekend you had!
    Love the hens and the hipstamatic photos! Woytuk's work is so whimsical, I like everything he does.
    I will have to look into adding that app to my phone-
    How cute are the ducks...all in a row?!

  4. I love the hens and the ducks! I think I prefer those hens over the tons of real hens we have in these parts! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  5. Hipstamatic very cool. Diva and Goth-punk ducks crack me up. Mr. Woytuk's work is amazing--now rethinking my position on chickens...

  6. the indian duck cracked me up.... dont know why but it did! you have so much fun!

  7. I like everything about this post. The nail color is so Spring, I would wear that without question. And you know how much I love my hens, so to have such whimisical gals displayed on the street makes me smile. And then there are the duckies. Cute cute cute. I think you had a good weekend.

  8. Love the Histamatic, do you have to be 'groovy' to use it haha! Aimee would adore your new nail polish colour.. The hens are fabulous, I would like one for my house, just maybe not quite so big!! and I'm sorry but I just can't help worrying about Rosie.

  9. My what pretty toes you have Daryl!
    : )
    & LOVE your rubber duck hipstamatic photo! -it's a perfect compliment to the subject.

  10. Daryl, Oh the colours, Oh the toes!
    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend. Me Too!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend. Love those hens. Have no idea what hipstamatic is but your photos are great.

  12. Hipstamatic link provided me with info, thank you. They're pretty cool. I like your toe color but haven't painted mine in ages LOL

    I loved the little duckies. The hardhat was my fav :)

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  13. Aha, that's what Hipstamatic is! You're a peach for providing the links! Love the photos,love the weekend you had. Hope it is extended through today.

  14. Fun post. I'm a new huge fan of the hipstamatic app. I love the color saturation. Xo

  15. Spring toes already... Wha-happened to winter..... Lovely color!! Those duckies are soooo cute."
    specially diva duck .

    The three hens are terrific !!!

  16. Were do I begin .. first I want Hipstamatic ... those are great shots! Love the duckies!
    Second,love love love those hens and his work.
    Third, frizz???? You have no idea what frizz is! Ha!

  17. I like the little punk duck with the spiky hair. In the nothing to do with anything department, it's not easy to say "punk duck" three times fast.

  18. Looks like you had a fun weekend... spring color toes and an invasion of fowl! iPhoneography is such fun and hipstamatic certainly makes more so.

  19. I love these, Daryl! The hens, the app . . . so cool. You can tell you're having fun.

  20. OMG I love, love, love the hens. And the rubber duckies too. What a awesome day.


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