water tower wednesday - ESB bonus

four water towers
a mashed potato sky
elevator housing blocks 
plus a bonus:
a guest appearance by the
Empire State Building 


  1. You have created some ART shots lately (I'm remembering the RIVER & SKY!). Can I have this as my desktop? Wanna live with this view for more than a glance. . . .

    Love, laughs & Aloha
    from Waikiki, Dear Daryl

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  2. Fantastic!
    That made me stop.....
    Love it!

  3. The Empire State Building is always welcome..as are all those water towers and that scary sky.

  4. Love the mashed potato sky - what a great way to describe it ... you totally made me think of the kids book ... where the town is fed from the food that fell from the sky 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' - LOVE it!

  5. Love the coppery brown colors. I always love your photos though.

  6. ESB...OMG I feel so ITK. (In The Know.) I just made that up;)

  7. Super shot! What a sky. Love the Empire State Building!

  8. Four water towers Daryl, is that a personal best?? Excellent composition btw, love the Empire State peeking up into the mashed potato cloud!!

  9. Oh I meant to say, I use Picasa and as one of it's features Picnik, it does everything I need and simple to use (also it's free to download!)

  10. So much going on in that shot Daryl, I love it!

  11. Perfect description of the sky, and it is so beautiful Daryl.

  12. I love the clouds. They're magical.
    I also love that I can comment today.

    Thinking of you.

  13. Love this one -- the sky and lighting are perfect. And I like the ESB rising above it all.

  14. It doesn't look much like winter, does it? This is a great capture of a wide array of architecture and design.


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