water tower wednesday - columbus avenue

West 71st Street and Columbus Avenue
If you know me, you know I have this tilt to all my photos
I correct it in Picnik.com or in iPhoto pre-post
when I fixed the tilt in this photo
 the street sign reading 71st Street got cut off 
as did a second water tower 
atop the dark brown brick faced building behind the red one
I am now thinking 
I purposely tilted to get the second water tower
maybe I am so used to having my tilt pointed out 
that I now feel the need to explain


  1. It's hard to shoot large buildings without the tilt unless you've got a tilt-shift (read: very pricey) lens. In your case the tilt just adds character :). Love the art deco light fixture too.

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  2. I had to reread that, since I was looking for a second water tower...which I see now got cut off.
    oh, it is all so confusing early in the morning.

    love that fancy street light!

  3. I am the worst tilter -- but my current camera lets me project a little grid on my screen to help me line my shots up. But even with the grid, I often have to correct the tilt.

    Anyway -- glad you caught this guy.

  4. Either way, it's a very nice shot. I've had that tilt issue too and it's hard when there is something you want to keep in the shot and it gets lost.

  5. Great shot! I love the buildings of New York.

  6. My favorite thing in this photo is the warm reddish color of the building.

  7. I happen to like your tilts, and I do love this photograph! Really neat perspective.

  8. Tilt away! I love the towers and the tilts.

    THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR THE FANTASTIC PACKAGE!! I HAVE BEEN ENJOYING IT IMMENSELY!It might well be the best package I've ever received. Seriously.

  9. To tilt or not to tilt that is the burning question haha! You use the same program as I do Daryl, have you tried the edit in Picnik application, I only tried it about a month ago, I haven't used it much but it has some really fun options on it..that's how I did my 'marsupial bookends'.

  10. Your blog is definitely one I need to follow. I belive it will give me my 'city fix' since the opportunities to get there are few and far between!

  11. Tilted, straight, upside down... you're still one of my favorite people!

  12. I so agree with Suldog sentiments! Still wonderful pic. I especially like the lightpost with its intricate details. Cheers Daryl!!

  13. I really like how the red building stands out in this picture.

  14. am late, running very late:)
    love the tilt and the red building!

    wv: wakepimp huh?

  15. I always seem to have this left tilt... ugh! You always make it look great.

  16. actually I'm a fan of the 'tilt' - your world juxaposed in a way that most of us actually see the world when we look up - more tilting xo

  17. Totally enamored with the colors...all of my favorites. Well not the black so much. Had there been a tiny bit of greenery, I may have drooled.

    Maybe your tilt is off kilter? LOL My mind is strange xoxoxox

    I don't tilt and don't even know how.

  18. Darn..there is a tad bit of greenery but it's Winter. Ummmm.


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