sunday shadows - bergdorf goodman

I had to come back 
to this 
Bergdorf Goodman 
a landmark 
on West 57th Street and Fifth Avenue 
with its understated holiday windows 
that awesome shadow
 sort of
the rule of three
its a stretch 
I love it 
with the biker, 
the car 
those people 
standing in the warmth of the sun 

taken with the iPhone 
out the window of a taxi 
while waiting for the light to change

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  1. no matter how you take them, your photos are always great. Love the shadow shot!

  2. Oh, I do enjoy your wonderful City photos!

  3. The shadow cooperated for your two-thirds rule! Good one!

  4. It's a fab shot Daryl, for all of the reasons you give above AND the reflections in the windows, not to mention the very interesting display itself in the window which you can see if you pull the image in close! Very nice shot from the window of a cab!

  5. I gotta get me one of those iPhones (LOL) if I can get pics like this! Love it!

  6. my favorite lines were the last:
    taken with the iPhone
    out the window of a taxi
    waiting for a light to change

    ah . . . New York.

  7. You made good use of your time, while waiting for that light to change!

    Threaded Shadows

  8. Love it ..... The image of you in a taxi ..leaning out the window to catch a shot,....
    A Sunday smile for sure !

  9. You did very well on this photo on your phone and in a cab. I am sure it refects a typical day in this busy city.

  10. You did a great job of framing up the shadow for this shot! I really like it.

  11. I roll the windows down and take photos all the time! No time to park and get out....if you hesitate you lose the moment.

  12. Love how the building is divided so beautifully by segments of light and shadow + touch of Christmas on each window! And what a great circumstance that people are gathered beneath the sunny side while in the shade, the biker alone rides on! Great photo!

  13. I like how the shadows divide the architecture, like the tones and light, great contrasts in this beauty.

  14. Beautiful, Daryl. Understated is so much better than overblown, too.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. Rule of three's may have been a stretch but it's still a great photo! Especially being taken out of a cab waiting for a light! Like your site a lot.

  16. so , no tripod? (:

    your a fantastic multi-tasker, you.
    And you did a great job.

  17. Wonderful shot. I miss the city life sometimes.. not often but your photos make me nostalgic for city streets.

  18. Wow, that pic is a poem
    as is your description.
    I viscerally remembered the cold
    of a NYC sidewalk shadow in January,
    and the golden warmth of the sun after.

    "from a taxi
    before the light

    Thanks for being YOU!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  19. The difference in how the building looks in shadow and sun is very cool. Nice job.


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