monday monologue - weekend fun

First off .. Way to go Giants!

records the games 
so he can FF through commercials and other distractions 
so his BP can recover between tense plays

Secondly ...  Way to Go Mama!
my Blister, 
my friend, 
my Lauren 

(along with her handsome son Augie) 
a half marathon 
in support of 
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
race over 
congratulate her

The weekend started off with an early release, escape, umm .. departure from the office  
It was sort of wonderful getting home before dark  
The temps were strangely warm 
(vs. the arctic freeze earlier in the week) 
I got off the subway at 72nd and walked uptown  

As I approached 79th Street, 
something caught my eye
I looked to my right 
but all I could see where buildings
 .. what was it .. 
a few more steps 
I'm at the corner 
I look to the right 
what do I see?
 I'll show you

an almost full moon 
hanging over the city 
I whipped out the old not so trusty point&shoot 
yeah twice 
just to be sure  

I am going to try to get the whole moon tonight
 if the weather gods permit 
a clear sky is needed

When I got home another surprise was waiting.  

I'd read about little lenses for the iPhone 
If you've got the newer model, the 4S, you've got a nice little camera 
8 megapixels worth 

I however have the iPhone 4 
no S 
no extra megapixels 
since these little lenses were relatively inexpensive 
I hope to own the 4S or the 5 
whichever is available 
when my contract with my current provider rolls over
I treated myself

that's them  
One is a wide angle/macro and the other is a 1X zoom
both have little lens caps
back protector magnet caps 
with little loops to hook on whatever 
They attach to the iPhone
via a little round reinforcement like 
(remember reinforcements?  
those little round Lifesaver-ish looking stickers 
you put on ripped looseleaf paper 
so it stayed in your looseleaf binder? 
I know I am old) 
 I have a hardcase for my iPhone 
and while the lens adheres to the sticker nicely 
I dont see myself carrying my phone around with the lens on
I am thinking this is carryable/attachable while out and about 
in truth 
its likely better used at home  

A 1X zoom isnt all that zoomy 
The little macro 
(is that an oxy-moron?) 
takes a sweet close up, 
here take a look

that critter 
is maybe 
2 inches long 
the heart he's perched upon is about 
4-5 inches wide

I got mine at Photojojo
and no, 
no one at Photojojo or Apple or anyone else 
is compensating me for this 'review'

Saturday morning 
I discovered
peed on my desk 
the symptoms of what we thought were urine crystals returned 

I am wishing she had a better way to tell me she is not feeling well
since it wasnt a true emergency 
(and there were no regular appointments) 

Sunday morning
(thank you Jack for feeling the need to mark it too)
at 9 a.m.
we walked down to the vet

 this time I managed to get a urine sample 
(pure luck) 
for them to analyze 

within a few hours 
we learned she hasnt got any urinary issues, 
more likely its a gastric thing
so no more treats

After the vet visit 
I needed beautification more than ever 
along with some relaxing alone time which I got at Polished
followed by a quick visit to the GreenFlea with my friend Donna

I got home in time to sit with Toonman and watch the Giants win

here we are right back where we started
thanks for coming along
its always more fun knowing you're here