monday monologue - so much to share

right off the top 
I have to say: 
How about those Giants?  

Do you think the 49ers saw 
Toonman's awesome visage on Facebook 
knew they couldnt win?

Pretty scary


Moving right along since its far later than I intended to be starting today
a shout out to my friends in Birmingham, Alabama and its surrounds 
after the tornado 
I hope everyone is safe.

The weekend
over too soon 
tho the snow that began on Friday evening 
did indeed stop midday on Saturday as promised  

I trekked across to the Eastside early on Saturday 
while the snow was still gently falling 
for my massage at exhale spa  
I wont tell you who my masseuse is 
I will tell you its a great spa, 
reasonably priced 
I always leave feeling relaxed 

I took this on the way to the spa

Since it was such a yucky day 
Sandy at Sam & Chris 
got my tresses all smooth and sleek 
I headed home to snuggle the cats and read 
Surprised a few Facebook friends by popping in/out 
 it was a nice way to visit

I also found myself checking emails 
another thing 
I dont normally do on weekends
to my very pleasant surprise my friend and poetess 
who you may know as Fireblossom
her blog
emailed to invite me to participate in a new blog
along with some other poets/poetesses, 
Kerry O'Connor, 
who blogs poetry at SKYLOVER,  
who conceived the idea
will be using some of my photos as prompts for their poems
how cool is that?
I'll be linking back to them this coming weekend

I did the usual delightful mani/pedi at
Polished Beauty Bar
I schlepped to the GreenFlea
since it was so frickin' cold
not many outdoor vendors were there so
I schlepped home
after a quick stop at Zabar's 
for their awesome
Chicken Corn Chowder
oh my
a few cookies from
Insomnia Cookies

I spotted a sign of spring outside

I spotted this
 fun Valentine's window
More & More

All in all a nice weekend I am so glad you joined me
before you go
here's a shot I took on Friday morning

it didnt turn out so well
so I hit it with a bit of
Topaz Lab's Water Color effect
result can be seen over at
Through My Eyes
after you click over to look
let me know which you like more

lastly no one has compensated me for any of my pimping!