monday monologue - holiday recappage

I've been on vacation 
the Thursday before Christmas  

Its been a long time since I took a full week, 
more than a few days off 
all at one time  
I think 
I've finally got the sleeping in down 
just in time 
to go back to work 
What a surprise!

You've heard about Christmas/Hanukkah 
I shared, as did Kate and Janice, photos from their visit 

Here's one more from the walk along the Hudson

there was a lot of eating
the cone of rice at 

the enormous tuna burger at 

many glasses of wine were drunk

and then the girls were gone

to cheer up 
I went to midtown for some retail therapy
all I got was some shots of
holiday windows

the streets 
made taking photos of the 
near impossible

 the windows 
old time-y 
a combo of snowmen 
1940ish looking people 
they are  
peeking through
of the shops 
across the street

decked all its windows with wreaths
so understated and classy

in the hood 
tethered outside
on Columbus
was a fun tree

New Year's Eve was quiet
New Year's morning
Toonman made us our traditional
eggs, onions, potatoes
some left over Proseco

see Katy, 
Toonman loves his new
pot holder

I didnt lick my plate 
I didnt leave 
large ort 

A diet will commence today
I promise never to post a foodie post again!

none of these are signed and most of them were taken with my iPhone


  1. Oh that was great fun, really. Makes me yearn to add spending Christmas in New York to my bucket list.

    P.S. Love the header picture.

  2. How fun. There's nothing like time spent with friends, and what a wonderful place to do it. Oh, and those fries look absolutely phenomenal. I'm swooning at the mere thought...

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. What fun! Sorry I missed the trip north. Hopefully I'll manage a trip that way in the New Year!

  4. Beautiful new header photo. We had a New Year's Day that included a small meal on the outdoor grill because it was about 70 degrees, sunny and no wind. And today the last of the holiday decorations are put away. Happy 2012.

  5. So loving those building shots! And I'm getting so I can't tell iPhone shots from the real thing any more. Been so much fun seeing time with the girls through all your eyes. We're still up in Maine ... all is quiet ... days have gone by that I haven't even picked up my camera. Gagh!

  6. Love the pictures, especially the one from H. Stern.

    Those champagne glasses are adorable.

    I want more of those fries...

  7. I had the sleeping in thing down to a fine science also... I was wide awake until after 1pm this morning and when the alarm went off at 4 I couldn't figure out what that dreadful sound was. I'm thinking of injecting the coffee right into my bloodstream using an IV.

  8. Happy New Year Daryl! I've just enjoyed catching up on all your posts that I've MISSED. You sound like you had a great holiday.
    Also, I know what you mean about getting the hang of sleeping in-it's much harder to get accustomed too than it sounds.

  9. Don't ever stop showing us your walks Daryl, they are rich with NY atmosphere. So is this breakfast of eggs, onion and potato a traditional breakfast at this time of year, it's just that I've read a few people posting about it!!

  10. Lovely shots Daryl. I love your champagne flutes with the stars on them. :)

    I've gone back on healthy eating today too.

  11. You never disappoint, that's for sure. I also love the Hudson shot!

    To be in your

    How do you even attempt to eat a sandwich that thick? The fries...yum.

    Liked Bergdorf's wreaths :)

  12. the new header is so perfectly NY in the winter

    Toonman is such a renaissance man - he even cooks!

  13. Daryl, yum, yum, and yum! Wasn't it fun!
    But finally there's the reality of January! But cheer up, it's my birthday in a couple of weeks! And we're a couple of weeks closer to wonderful spring,,

  14. Post away! That's my kind of breakfast!
    And you on a diet??? Puleeze! No need for that silliness for you!

  15. Well, I don't like that promise. I enjoy your foodie posts. And I am glad that he likes the potholder. I liked the colors. Love your header ~

  16. No more foodie posts? No way! You're in the food capital of the U.S. .. you have to have foodie posts. And i regonize that pot holder.. my namesake designed them. :)

    The word verification is "beliter." That bodes well for the diet. ;)

  17. Wishing you the happiest New Year possible! I love all of the window shots...someday I am coming to NYC and we are going to see it all !!

    I personally love foodie posts...yummy!

    Thanks for being a fabulous blogging friend...I look forward to when we can meet face to face, cameras in hand and I give you a big old hug ! Take care !

  18. I rather appreciate your "foodie posts"! I REALLY appreciate your holiday decor on those fabulous businesses. Some day.....

  19. They're all lovely. I like the wreaths.

    Happy New Year!

  20. tons of fun and YES DO post foods please I love seeing nd drooling over them :)
    Love hugs and happy new year!

  21. I'm sorry, but you really MUST do foodie posts--you're in NYC, it's expected! Beautiful shots as always; your starry champagne flutes are stunning.
    Happy happy 2012!

  22. Seriously;
    You give me a magical gift:
    Time in NYC with a friend.

    You feed my soul. The cloud sky over the Hudson lives in my mind's eye now. . . .

    Thank You

    Happiest New Year wishes
    with Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  23. I so adore your weekends, especially New Year ones. Pass the tuna burger. Prosecco was part of my holiday meals, too. Love the Hudson shot. And thank you, Bergdorf-Goodman for the understated decorations. There are so many crass ones out there....

  24. So much to take in all at once, but that's the city living for you! Though the tree is tethered, miraculously no one seems to have walked off with the ornaments. Looks like a great time had by all!

  25. Robin and I have similar minds -- those fries and tuna burger look heavenly. Wonderful to have time off and to eat and drink and spend time with friends.

    We had a light soup last night for dinner ... chicken breasts tonight, perhaps?

    I hope you don't stop posting foodie photos.

  26. I could pass on the tuna burger, but those fries, no! Yum.
    What pretty plates you have. :)


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