monday monologue - all over town

Its Monday again 
time for me 
to spill 
the weekend excitement 
I know you all 
for this drivel

Last week 
I promised to link back to 
where some of my photos are posted to serve as prompts for poems
My bad
I didn't forget 
I was waiting for some of the poets 
to feel their muse
there's a Mr Linky at the bottom of the post there 
 to read what the photo(s) inspire click over and do say hi


was spent in the 'hood 
I had a lot of errands a lot of wandering in out of various shops in search of elusive cosmetic items
 I know if I had trekked to midtown 
I'd have scored 
I was just wanting to walk 
look in windows 
keep my eyes open for photo ops
like this one 
of the small 
Farmer's Market 

 I saw this at the honey seller's kiosk

 you can be patriotic 
 pour from Ms Liberty's crown 

you can buy some of these bite sized honey candies
(I took this shot for Faye)

I had a mission
a gift certificate for Saks
I had hoped to get myself a very expensive pair of shoes
it turned out that Saks on Fifth Avenue
doesnt carry the brand I wanted
they also no longer sell 
a small leather goods line I had in mind as a back up
I need a new wallet
I managed to snag two pair of JBrand leggings at 70% off
Yeah me!

On the way to Saks I did took a few photos to share with you

this one is for 
Debbie Angel 
who loves the 
Empire State Building

this is Bryant Park the 42nd Street side

a couple of tourists have breakfast
it was a very mild day

there's an ice skating rink in Bryant Park
this was taken 
as they opened the gates 
for the afternoon session

I love water shots
this fountain has several spouts

last but not least
wanted to show off his mighty 

thanks for tagging along
its always fun for me
I hope its fun for you too!