flea market finds - peg racks

Brownstone & Bungalow Inc.
makes and sells these
Peg Racks
I love them 
they come in several sizes 
# of pegs 
some have a shelf on top 
lots of fun colors 
some have that 'distressed' look 
they are reasonably priced

They also make tables and benches/coffee tables
no, I did not receive any compensation for posting about them


  1. They're pretty, but I never use them for clothes...had one in my bathroom, but my towel just kept falling off!

  2. Great colors they have used. Usually peg racks come in plain wood or plain white or black... glad someone chose to be a bit more creative and move around the color wheel a bit more... Fun shot!

  3. Ralph would love to have a whole closet of these so he could just hang his clothes on the hooks vs every hanging to put them on a hanger!

  4. Love them! Both decorative and useful! Your Green Flea rocks!

  5. You keep finding such fun and colorful items. Do you ever take any of these pretty things home with you?

  6. Colourful peg racks all in a row. I reckon they'd be great for at the front door, to hang coats, hats and scarves on. and btw I'm so with you on the beach and sand thing, I like to take my shots from the grassy spots, can't think of anything worse (well there's probably something worse!) than walking over hot sand and lying in scorching heat burning your skin to a leathery state, nah I'll lay by the pool instead haha!

  7. The colors really caught my eye! I could use one or two in my house.

  8. beautiful.. on the back of my bathroom door. just for me! not to share. ;)
    BTW, that is the best header yet!

  9. Love these and your eye for color never disappoints! Would be a hard decision
    which one to buy :)

    Distressed is always my favorite...

  10. Perfect for a necklace holder! I love those!

  11. Lovely to hang in any home and would look cool with a matching table & bench. The "sky blue" one is my favorite.

  12. Love the colorful array. I have Shaker peg shelf Mr. BFR made for me. It's naturally finished, but now I'm thinking that it might look nice painted.


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