waiting patiently - ricki

I stop by to visit 
to see the wonderful 
wildlife and rural photos 
he posts  

I stopped by and learned that 
Robin's beloved dog had passed.  

I asked if I could re-post 
his photo to share with those of you 
who dont know Robin 
Ricki was such a handsome guy 
was so well loved 
he deserves to be celebrated 

Here's to a good friend who will be much missed 


  1. Awww poor beautiful baby. I'm sorry for your loss, Robin.

  2. My deepest sympathies go out to you, Robin. One can see the wisdom and depth of soul behind those beautiful eyes, so very sorry for your loss.

  3. So sorry about Ricki...he was beautiful. Interesting that he has a mushroom-shaped snow print on his nose... In French, both a dog's nose and truffles (that expensive mushroom and the chocolate kind!) are called 'truffes', so I guess Ricki has a 'truffe' of sorts on his 'truffe'.

  4. I hope that Robin is having a good romp in doggie heaven where all canines gather to enjoy one another!

  5. the loss of a beloved pet is heartbroken & devastating...I am so sorry for the loss of your friend & companion.

  6. Oops! I meant to say Ricki, but perhaps Robin would also enjoy a good romp there, too!

  7. My heart goes out to Robin... sending a warm canine loving {{{HUG}}} your way, Robin.

  8. So sorry for Robin's loss. Ricki will be in good company at the bridge....

  9. What a sweet face. Sending my best heart-healing thoughts to Robin for his loss.

  10. I'm so sorry for the loss of Ricki. What a sweet dog. Rest in peace.

  11. The down-side of being owned by a beloved pet...
    My sympathies.

  12. So sorry for Robin's loss ... we love and grieve equally over our pets.

  13. Awww.... Ricki was a majestic dog! So sorry. xoxo

  14. oh my heart hurts
    what a sweet face
    love the snow mush

    peaceful journey sweet boy
    so sorry Robin, hugs

  15. Oh, that is SOOO sad. Riki was beautiful. I don't know how I could ever stand the pain of loosing my pet....thanks for sharing...

  16. Daryl, thank you for your post! And thank all your dear friends. I sit with tears in my eyes at their thoughts, and a hug hole in my soul where my lovely boy once was.
    Best wishes to all

  17. Here's to Ricki and his friends!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  18. What a beautiful dog. I think that so many of us can sympathize with the loss of a beloved canine friend. Godspeed to Robin's dear Ricki.

  19. Oh so sad. What a beautiful little guy! One of my friends just lost their sweet gentle giant this week (I blogged about it yesterday). It was not a good story for sure. Ricki looks like he was a fun guy!

  20. Oh that is a face that you would miss seeing everyday, that's why we have to love and appreciate them so much while we have them.


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