waiting patiently - igby

That's Igby
he's waiting in his carrier 
while his mama gets beautified
He's my friend Kat's pup
Igby is very smart
he knows if he plays his cards right
Kat will carry him
I guess he had the winning hand 


  1. I envy people who can carry their dogs like that. Bibi's just a teeny too big! Very cute photo.

  2. Ha ha, that's a classic. The handbag dogs crack up. I love seeing photos of stars like Rihanna and Mariah Carey carrying their dogs around. Have all these dogs lost the use of their legs?

  3. Now that is a true NYC pooch. Quite polished, too ~

  4. There are days when I have wished that I fit into a bag so someone would carry me around for the day... LOL

  5. Clever girl. The only animals of ours that will fit in a bag are the chickens and I am not taking them along. Enjoy your weekend:-)

  6. Aw, Igby in his little carrier! That's so cute.

  7. sweetie
    I have a maltese friend who insists on being carried

  8. Don't tell my Buddy that dogs get carried around like this.

    Igby looks so civilized and dignified in that fancy carrier.

  9. Back in the dog searching mode down here...Igby is a cutie but a little small for my tastes. I trip over nothing and might smash her!

  10. Igby (what a great name!) has reversed the saying 'why have a dog and bark yourself' to 'why have a human and walk yourself' haha! He's so cute I'd carry him!!

  11. Oh my goodness, Igby is just precious!!


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