monday monologue - so much stuff

So much stuff went on this weekend 
from the internets failing 
(thank you SO much TimeWarner, its still out I am quickly typing and uploading photos here at the office) 
Rose coming home from hospital 
last weekend's vet visit turned into her being hospitalized 
she's doing great thanks to her wonderful 
Dr Andy and his entire staff at City Veterinary Care
the desk ladies to the techs 
she almost didnt want to come home.  


My friend Nancy came over on Saturday to visit, 
go shopping with me 
have lunch at Fred's in Barney's

We stopped into 
GaGa's Workshop
where I was encouraged to take photos
had I known
I'd have schlepped the BIG camera
you'll have to settle for unsigned, 
point&shoot pix 
by iPhone pix

 the Madison Avenue windows

the elevator waiting area

the shoppers

the displays

the merchandise
every item is priced high
25% of each item's sale price goes to GaGa's foundation
nothing is returnable or exchangeable
all sales

Barney's went all out
every shopping bag in the store was branded

with the internets still out I headed out to meet my friends
Larry, Kevin, Judy and Kathy
a really fun laid back restaurant 
very child friendly
thankfully the children and their parents were smartly kept in another room
tho the line up of strollers in the entryway was a bit scary

me and my Larry

that's Kevin, me, Judy
and Larry

on the way from the restaurant to the Flea Market 
we passed this mirror on the street and posed

I was on a mission, my friend Laura Peach wants skeleton keys!
 mission accomplished

all that hard work brunching and flea marketing was followed
by beautification
seriously did you think I wouldnt?

Thanks for tagging along, its always more fun when I know you're here!


  1. Love that icicle effect. Also, I've always found skeleton keys oddly attractive. We had a couple of locks in my childhood home that had them, so I guess they hold young memories for me.

  2. So many shoppers! I'm so glued to the monitor with your photos...taking everything in. Almost better than being a tourist. I stare, google, read...

    The TWC story...gah.

    I didn't know Laura wanted keys...

    I LOVE the mirror photo!!
    Glad you had a great weekend ♥

  3. Is there any other place on the planet that has window displays as fantastic as NYC? I think not!

    I love skeleton keys!

  4. Oh my gosh, I would be taking photos every single second. It sounds like a great weekend in spite of the Internet being down.

  5. I love the shot of all of you in the mirror

    glad Rose is better
    hugs to her

  6. Awesome displays! Gotta love Barneys. Great flea-ing, too :).

    And of course welcome home Rose, and here's to the speedy return of your internets! (Seriously TimeWarner? Seriously???)

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  7. It sounds like it's true what they say about New York, never a dull moment, well not for you Daryl, you pack more into your days than most I think. Great pictures from GaGa's Workshop, can imagine the treasures you might find in a New York flea market and btw you couldn't have picked a more appropriate Sunday, pastry and the Sunday papers, bliss!!

  8. nice Gaga shots Daryl.
    & I too love the group portrait of you & friends together-what a nice idea!

  9. So glad that Rose is home from the hospital!
    Fabulous windows and store displays
    I embiggened each of them, so much fun that you took us along!
    You are so brave to enter a restaurant with a line of strollers at the door:)
    Even without internet you had a wonderful weekend, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  10. a fully loaded weekend and MISS ROSIE home! tada! life is good xo

  11. I hope GaGa gets a lot of money - it's definitely not coming from me, though! Interesting stuff!!
    Looks like you had another great weekend! You look fabulous!

  12. What fun your weekends are! I like the mirror shot, the coffee shot, and I'd love to buy that 'ball' with the building inside, paper weight, whatever it is.

  13. So so so so so happy to here Rose will be so so happy.

  14. That looks like fun, except for the internet part. It really is more fun when someone else is along for the ride.

    Welcome home, Rose!

  15. Whew! I'm exhausted ... what a weekend! Love the pics!

  16. Love those displays. The colors are just wonderful. The mirror pose is fun.

    Great news on Rose, too.

    Looks like you managed to have a pretty great time despite the misbehaving Internet.

  17. Your forays into the city are always such a feast for the eyes. That Gaga figure is fabulous.

    And I want skeleton keys too!


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