monday monologue - more SantaCon

I didnt realize when I was making the SantaCon collage 
that you couldnt embiggen to see the Santas
so here are a few of my favorites
 .. again .. 
no editing, just SOOTC

 there was Donna and Dance-a

 the striped sock elf & reindeer chorus line 

 the hey look she's taking our picture

and the sunglass santa wavers

I took all these Santas on the way to the Garage Flea Market on 25th between 6-7 Avenue 
that too was a bust 
we did learn about a new small flea market where we stopped 
Darcy bought her dad a carved wooden figure, 
her dad is a wood carver and collector

I took these photos
of some of the crap, er, antiques

 a Jimmy Durante figure 
with an on/off switch 
but no juice 
so we couldnt see/hear what he did 
maye it was 
Goodnight Mrs Calabash, wherever you are

 a Romanesque or Stalinesque bust someone drapped with a holiday scarf also for sale

this mannikin/manikin looks as if it was posed for on a very very cold day
he's lost his head but still has his 'slave' collar
veddy interesting 

then we decided I had to have lunch
on the window sill next to our table was
this pepper plant
with a odd sign
poking is prohibited

when it was time to head back uptown 
Darcy wondered how a NewYawker orients 
I said well I always look for this

its viewable from just about everywhere

Thanks for tagging along, it made sharing the day even more fun!