monday monologue - the cat did what?

Rosie spend a week at vet 
came home 
had a follow up visit this past Tuesday 
she's got chronic kidney disease 
a whole lotta meds and care but she's worth it  

then this past Friday 
3 days after her follow up 
she began acting oddly
how odd
is it for a cat
to pee
printer ?

I wondered if it was a comment on my holiday card

in any case

the printer is dead

she was 
letting me know 
she wasnt feeling all that well 

another visit to the vet on Saturday 
I diagnosed UTI and vet agreed 
I asked her to pay me 
she laughed 

I said I want a plaque in the new upstairs 
vet's been remodeling for a year now 
its a money pit 
most of the recent money has been mine  

I also got a hair, actually many hairs, 

a new less frumpy me 

A massage much needed 
tho had I known 
we'd be donating to the vet again 
I'd have passed 
I wouldnt 
I needed that massage 

I continued to beautify™
a pretty festive wine-y color with pale pink glitter nail polish
dee-vine dahling

A trip to the Flea
proved disappointing
aside from picking up my new pillowcases
from Kitty who owns and designs for
the divine chair company

the drawstring purse vendor wasnt there
so I could fulfill my offer to pick up a few
the day was freezing
I was walking fast
this stopped me

this brownstone on West 77th just across from the Green Flea
had the loveliest beribboned decorations

charming very turn of the century
with the
'gas' light

it was too cold to schlep the BIG camera
the little P&S really isnt working right
or left for that matter

A quick stop at Zabar's for a fix of their meatballs
I had some of Zabar's chicken/corn soup
I intended
only half


it was good

Oh yeah, I ordered a new printer

Thanks for coming along, as always its more fun with you