monday monologue - the cat did what?

Rosie spend a week at vet 
came home 
had a follow up visit this past Tuesday 
she's got chronic kidney disease 
a whole lotta meds and care but she's worth it  

then this past Friday 
3 days after her follow up 
she began acting oddly
how odd
is it for a cat
to pee
printer ?

I wondered if it was a comment on my holiday card

in any case

the printer is dead

she was 
letting me know 
she wasnt feeling all that well 

another visit to the vet on Saturday 
I diagnosed UTI and vet agreed 
I asked her to pay me 
she laughed 

I said I want a plaque in the new upstairs 
vet's been remodeling for a year now 
its a money pit 
most of the recent money has been mine  

I also got a hair, actually many hairs, 

a new less frumpy me 

A massage much needed 
tho had I known 
we'd be donating to the vet again 
I'd have passed 
I wouldnt 
I needed that massage 

I continued to beautify™
a pretty festive wine-y color with pale pink glitter nail polish
dee-vine dahling

A trip to the Flea
proved disappointing
aside from picking up my new pillowcases
from Kitty who owns and designs for
the divine chair company

the drawstring purse vendor wasnt there
so I could fulfill my offer to pick up a few
the day was freezing
I was walking fast
this stopped me

this brownstone on West 77th just across from the Green Flea
had the loveliest beribboned decorations

charming very turn of the century
with the
'gas' light

it was too cold to schlep the BIG camera
the little P&S really isnt working right
or left for that matter

A quick stop at Zabar's for a fix of their meatballs
I had some of Zabar's chicken/corn soup
I intended
only half


it was good

Oh yeah, I ordered a new printer

Thanks for coming along, as always its more fun with you


  1. Hope Rosie is better.!!

    I spilled a glass of cola on my printer and it refuses to die so that
    I can get a new wireless wonder..
    but then I seldom use a printer at home when I can use the laser ones at
    work... just for business of course!!

    Like the new DO... you look
    mah - vaah - lus

  2. She peed on the printer? Ewwww... Glad you've got her feeling better by now.

    LOVE the spiffy new do!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. Oh...peeing on a printer... My friend's dog used to spite-pee on her pillow, and he wasn't even sick; disturbed perhaps, but not sick.

    Love your hair and the pillowcases. Gotta spruce myself up, too. Spruce...isn't that a tree...? I'm thinking of the holidays for sure.

  4. poor little Rose, I do hope she is feeling better! You are such a good mom, to realize something was wrong rather than that being a revenge pee-
    You are gorgeous - love you new 'do!

  5. I blanch every time my son tells me how much they have spent at the vets on their dogs!

    Love the new hairdo Daryl. :)

  6. I hope Rose feels better soon. Cant' wait to see ya!

  7. I think you look gorgeous with your hair like that. You have the face and coloring for your natural color. Me, not so much. I have been needing a trip to the chiropractor and/or massage therapist for a while. Then I did some more painting in our hallway yesterday and let me say, "When did painting become a young woman's sport?" My neck, shoulder....dang! So I am hoping to follow your lead and get some TLC for myself very soon.

  8. Your hair cut looks great!

    Poor Rosie being ill, but poor you having to deal with a pissed on printer, I would have been pissed off. Pun intended.

  9. Luna peed on my backpack once, but that was cause the cat door was accidentally locked and she couldn't get to the litterbox downstairs. I forgave her. She was so obviously upset over it too...kept scarping at the floor like she was trying to cover it up.

  10. What do you give a cat for a urinary tract infection? I don't suppose they dig cranberry juice a whole heck of a lot.

  11. Poor Rosie! Good thing printers are cheap!

  12. that vet... loves you. I am some how missing your address yet again, I know its here somewhere but save me the headache please lol :D and hope miss rosie feels better. FAST! love n huggles :) an love the new do by theway :)

  13. Love the new 'do! Sorry about the printer and hope Rose is better soon!

  14. You know urine trouble when the cat mistakes the printer for the litter box! Thanks for the stroll aournd town..and we must NEVER say no to massages!

  15. Oh Rosie! I had a kitty who did something similar .. jumped on the table while I was folding towels and peed on the towels! Ugh!
    Hope she gets better soon!

  16. new hair is fabulous - very chic!!! suits you and Rosie actually had the guts to do what I've felt like doing a few times to our printer!!!! xo

  17. Whew! we moved fast didn't we?
    sorry about Rosie. you and I both know the out come of all this kidney and pee issue. You need me .. call. We'll talk.

  18. Love the new haircut!
    Poor Rosie- I've had one UTI in my life and DAMN it's painful! RIP, printer.

  19. oh Rosie
    sweet girl
    when you gotta go, you gotta go

    you couldn't look frumpy if you wore a housecoat and a schmata on your head
    the new do is gorgeous

  20. You, my dear are the most beautiful of your photos today! I love your hair...

    Poor Rosie and agree, printers aren't that expensive anymore and she couldn't help it! Hope she feels better soon...

  21. Daryl, and my Mondays are better with you! Thanks!

  22. You couldn't look frumpy if you tried, Daryl!

    All my best wishes for you and kitty.

    And, there's a cup of coffee waiting for you at Danny's...

  23. the prettifying is WORKING!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  24. Rosie has a very unique method to let you know she doesn't feel well, poor kit.
    Love the new hair cut

  25. Sorry about Rosie. Bless her sweet heart. Love your new do of course!

  26. Best monologue ever Daryl, really hope Rosie's on the mend, it's a worry and I hear you about the vet's fees, but we love them (pets not vets!) so we pay! Fabulous do. I should send you some snaps of Aimee's nails, the things she does!!Have a great week.

  27. Ahhh, a new haircut! Love days like that when all of the hair on my head is once again in alignment with all of the others... LOL Looks good on you!

    What kind of pee free printer did you order?

  28. I sure hope Rosie is all better soon Daryl.
    I have a 15-year-old toy poodle with chronic kidney problems. Daily medications and special treatment, but he is so worth it. His body is failing him, but his personality is still very much there.

    LOVE your hair!!!

  29. Poor kitty witty. I do hope she gets better. You look absolutely STUNNING dahlin! Gaslight? One of my fave movies of all time, and this ones a gorgeous, too. Cheers D!!

  30. Poor Rosie. Hope she feels better soon.
    Love the haircut!!

  31. Poor Rose. I used to have a cat who peed on things when she had a UTI.. and they were recurring. It's their best way to let you know something's wrong.

    You look mahvellous!

  32. Hope the kitty is doing better by now. I love the gaslight. Very Victorian.

    I'm working like crazy this week so I can take some time off next week... And hair is on my agenda for today.


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