its beginning to look a lot like

This is another long post
 it might turn into two posts 
who knows 
but lets get started with my meeting 
my Blister 
(Blog+Sister = Blister)
Shelley and her pal Darcy

visiting from the Canadian West Coast  
they've spent the past week sightseeing and just plain having fun 
Saturday they included me 
a wander through Hell's Kitchen 
down into the Flatiron 
looking for artisian crafty holiday crap, treasures, on sale at holiday fairs 

 We started on 39th and Ninth at the Hell's Kitchen Holiday Market
lots of junk 
one snotty vendor 
who chastised me for exploiting their wares by taking pix vs shopping

well sir, 
Shelley shopped 
as I exploited 


 this Tibetan gentleman 
showed us this bowl when stroked makes this amazing sound  
its a yoga thing 
I think 
well I know 
Shelley teaches yoga 

She bought herself this lovely and warm Yak wool shawl 
because baby it was cold outside!

We trekked down to 25th and Seventh in search of the 
Festival junk, er, artsy fair 
Shelley had seen advertised online 

 along the way I keep seeing people 
dressed in Santa get ups 
of all sorts 
turns out it was 
 and the city was filled with Santas 
in all shapes, sizes, colors and get ups
they wandered in packs
stood in cliques
 crossed streets 
waited for taxis
waved at me
smiled at me
posed for me
 they were everywhere 
to show you how everywhere
 they were 
I did a collage
these are only the shots I liked best 
tho admittedly 
some were taken so fast that the focus is not necessarily great 

here they are unedited unsigned SOOTC for you!

there's more 
but I think I'll add it to the Monday Monologue 
just in case nothing happens on Sunday to blather about