flea market finds

this vendor 
located outside the actual flea market 

he didnt want to pay the vendor fee 
maybe he wanted to corner the market on party hats for New Year's Eve   

how do you plan on celebrating? 

are you going out? 
staying in? 

will you be wearing a hat? 
will you be tooting a noisemaker?  

will you party hearty?
will you toast the new year and then head to bed?  

tell me all about it in the comment section.  


 Well this year 
we'll be celebrating together 
at home 
in front of the BIG television that dominates our living room 
likely a bottle of bubbly will be opened 
toasts to the new year will be made

here's a toast to you, gentle reader:  
health, happiness, prosperity to one and all 

I look forward 
to sharing another year 
photographs and blather 
with you

thanks again for coming along as I go out and about in New York City!