flea market finds

that's Jill 
in the Lotus Jane kiosk 
selling Cambodian crafts  

Jill and her husband adopted 
their daughter, Jayne, 
from a village in Cambodia 
and a friend gifted Jill with a scarf made there 
which started her thinking 
how she could help women in Cambodia 
and other third world countries.  

Every item she sells is Fair Trade
by using primarily locally-sourced sustainable materials 
the women/artisans make handcrafted unique, stylish goods  
helping them to improve their lives 
those of their families.

Some of the items 
are made from recycled materials 
such as bombshells and discarded magazines.

See those bracelets?  
They are made from recycled flipflops!  

Those beads?  
Made from recycled paper!

I bought several wonderful items from Jill to be given as gifts this holiday season
You can check out the items at the GreenFlea on 77th/Columbus
 on Lotus Jayne's website 
by clicking