flea market finds - books

used books 
caught the eye 
these two little pink ladies
I didnt stick around long enough 
to see if they found something to read 
I was tickled to see them interested in books 

You're never too old 
too young 
to enjoy a good read


  1. so exciting to see these charming young girls interested in books! I do hope they found several books to their liking

  2. Absolutely Daryl, and it's good to see them excited about REAL books instead of the ibooks, not sure if that's even what you call them but you know what I mean. Adorable image,

  3. I would have been at that spot for hours....

    They are so cute!

  4. It is especially interesting to see such young ones interested in books that look so old. No multi-colored book jackets with cartoon characters. No pictures in the text.

  5. Does the outside part of that flea market run year round? And, I agree with you, the ceiling of Grand Central is magnificent!

  6. I have a fondness for used books. Love the worn covers and the smell. When I visited NY in 2009, I found a really neat used book store on the Upper West Side (simply enough, I believe it was called Westsider Books)...cramped with books up to the ceiling, it was great and the guy was nice enough to let me take a few pix which I appreciated.

  7. What a charming contrast, young children reading old books. The future meets the past.

  8. Hope treasures books and that makes me so happy
    we went to the Barnes & Noble recently and a little boy was bending a book, Hope told him to be "nice and gentle"

  9. I just totally love your flea market finds!! These are more precious than skeleton keys!!

  10. That is for sure, and as much as I like being able to read electronically, there is nothing quite like the feel of a book in your hands as you read it. Just like getting a real hand-written letter instead of e-mail.

    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend Daryl!

  11. *gasp* I love books. I love kids. I love flea markets. I LOVE this picture ;)

  12. I would be lost not being able to read...although I primarily read online now...

  13. I love kids that can't wait to get their hands on a good book!

  14. used books
    that allure
    hours, years reading;
    out of print books

    made me who I am, Dar-

    This actually tear-ed me up.
    Someday I will be dead. But a little girl will find my used book,
    read it.


    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  15. These two remind me of Sophia Grace and Rosie.. right down to the pink clothes. Cute shot.


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