monday monologue - sunday adventure

The annual NYC Marathon
pretty much shut down cross town traffic this Sunday 
so I put off a trek across to Madison Avenue 
and went to the GreenFlea on this side of the park  

on the way I had 
to wait 
pause at Broadway
as a parade of UPS trucks 
trundled across West 79th Street 
like a herd of elephants 

were accompanied by 
a motorcycle police escort with flashing lights
had I not been talking on my phone at the time
 I would have a photo for you.  

When I got to the GreenFlea 
which is on Columbus Avenue at 77th Street 
I noticed West 77th was blocked off 
by two HUGE dump trucks
I crossed to the Museum side
to check out the Farmer's Market 
 the mystery of the UPS Truck exodus 
was solved
(dont bother to embiggen, its blurry, sorry)

In all the years I have watched the NY Marathon 
not once
not even 
one single time 
have I ever heard about UPS's participation

What do they do, you ask?  
Well, gentle reader, they schlep

they schlep 
all the Marathon runners' clothing
the things
the sweaters
the hats
the scarves
that the runners wear 
the starting line 
Staten Island 

these items are put in plastic bags 
onto the trucks

I learned that 
Girl Scouts volunteer to help load the trucks 
that then head into Manhattan 
West 77th between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue

(the very same street closes the night before Thanksgiving so Macy's employees can inflate the balloons that fly in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) 

I dont understand 
this has never been covered on the local news, 
hey, Michelle Charlesworth, 
how come you and Eyewitness News never covered this aspect of the Marathon?
Major props to you, UPS!

the UPS trucks parade no longer a mystery
I headed to the GreenFlea
lots of sunshine
comfortable temps 
brought out 
shoppers, wanderers, 
new vendors

I met 
Brie (apologies if I am spelling it wrong!) and Mike Masterson 

check out 
their fabulous 
house of re-boot 
jackets, pullovers, 
what we Americans call jumpers 
(Mike has his arm around one in that photo, his other arm's round Brie)
not to be confused with the sweater 
Brits call a jumper and we call a cardigan
I digress
click here for details
about how they make some really 
cool looking clothing engineered of 
'excess of fast fashion culture'

Visited with Kitty
who this week was across the aisle from the Mastersons

she designs/sells one of a kind chairs
chaises, ottomans, 

I like to think
I inspired 
her to make pillows 
I ordered 
two pillow covers 
the fabric I chose 
is not in that pile 
tho I am loving the striped one 
in the middle

I headed home
on the way there was a quick stop at Zabar's
Toonman loves their meatballs
a visit to Pet Central to place this week's cat food order
I dont know what is causing it 
both cats seem to have a 'love it less' attitude about their food

tells me to wait it out
what they hate today 
tomorrow they will inhale
the Jewish mother in me 
wants to temp them with new tastes 
fish with less aspic 
not in gravy or sauce 
no big chunks 
no mushy texture 

I'll leave you 
on that note 
every pet owner one of you 
is ready with stories of your own food battles 
and how you solved them

I look forward to your comments, gentle reader 

thanks for wading through the blather


  1. WOW ..what a terrific trek out and about in the city. Great monologue
    ( as usual ) ...

    The lil diva at home will eat anything and everything except bologna... she turns away from that..
    lately she has been stealing my last
    bite of bagel in the morning.

  2. That is a wonderful useful service UPS provides for the marathoners!
    Sounds as if you had a full day of shopping - love the furniture and pillows.
    The grand dog is very picky about her kibble but will eat most any kind of 'people' food including a slice of buttered toast for breakfast.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  3. That's a heck of a trek. And more power to UPS and the Girl Scouts. Hope Toonman liked the meatballs....maybe your cats would, too? :)

  4. I love those pillows.. and kudos to UPS and Girl Guides for doing their part. I'm sure it's no small task.

    The one and only time both of my cats went off of their usual prescription food at the same time, there was clearly something wrong with the food. It was a brand new bag and both cats sniffed it as if I was handing them cardboard. They ate it eventually but very slowly through the course of the day.. driven only by hunger and not their usual love for their meal. I sniffed the contents of the bag, and though it didn't smell off .. neither did it smell like cat food. It was definitely missing something. My son noticed also. I'm pretty sure it missed some part of the flavouring process. It hadn't gone bad, it just hadn't gone good yet. I was able to exchange it for another bag which was fine once again.

    If both of your kitties turned their noses up to the same food at the same time.. give it the sniff test. It might be something similar. If they're just being finicky toward everything.. I don't know what to tell you because I've certainly already told you enough. ;)

  5. I'd love to visit that market!

    *Applause* for UPS!

  6. Now I want a jumper...and leggings. I'm wondering how this will suit me.

    Hats off to UPS and the Girl Scouts. It's small (huge) things like this we never think about.

    This was wonderful and thank you!

    BTW, I posted on your FB page. I was thrilled to the point of giddy Saturday when I spotted something (by looking UP) that had been there FOREVER. Gah. How did I not see them??????

  7. Ohhh, I'll have the turquoise pillow with brown please.

    AND yes... have stories about our puppy Izzy's eating problems, but the good news is THEY ARE SOLVED!

  8. What a fabulous city! If I could teleport instead of fly, I would LOVE to spend a day like that in New York. All it takes is good walking shoes and a camera. Oh yes, and a coat:-)

  9. I'm worn out by all that! :) What pillows did you buy? I want a photo when you get them.

  10. Woohoo! I'm back and look at you! A new header! Love it! Just catching up! My son ran in the NYC yesterday and since we were just flying back, I didn't get a chance to see him. Bummer! Kudos to UPS for all their support. It's a massive task preparing all that for the runners. Love your story on the subject as well.

  11. a wonderful 'wade' with you this morning! UPS?, who knew - so interesting, thanks for sharing - loved this post xo

  12. One reason I love reading your blog is because you show us the sides of the city no one talks about. Great weekend adventures! (Good luck on the food thing - wish I had some good advice!)

  13. It was a pleasure meeting you too! Thanks for the skinny on UPS...and all the other little glimpses of light and shadows I gleaned from peeking at your rich tapestry of a blog!
    Hope to chat again one fine Sunday!
    Brie (yup, you got it right)
    House of Reboot

  14. That's fairly fascinating. I would have never considered that particular bit of logistics concerning a marathon.

  15. Nice story about a nice group of people, well the ones I have met.
    Although they all drive as if they have police escorts anyway.

  16. I never knew that about UPS either!, how cool

    don't get me started on Iza and Siren and food
    every day is a new story with them

    your flea friends look like sich great people to meet

  17. Love the imagery of the UPS trucks as a herd of elephants. I didn't know they were involved. They really should get better publicity out of that.

    As for feeding cats, I got nuthin'. Gatsby's on a special diet. He will eat the kibble, and sometimes the can version when the can is first opened. No leftovers, though. And no people food. And no treats. So, good luck with that.

  18. I so enjoyed reading your post today Daryl. Wow! I had no idea about UPS. Big UPS for UPS! Shame they don't share that info. I think that's wonderful they help out in that way. Love the pillows - beautiful fabric, too. Cheers!!

  19. those cats got you FOXED!
    What a great post!
    It was exactly like my fave
    kind of NYC day: walking, talking, eating, shooting. Meeting.

    You broke a news story! What's wrong with the expensive flacks at UPS?

    Sisterly Aloha from Apec-Locked-Down West Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  20. I love finding out about the UPS truck mystery! that is really cool!

  21. I read all of it, and wow. You do a lot. Had no idea about UPS' role in the Marathon. Or the girl scouts, for that matter. I did know, however, that you dote on your kitties.

    We are very different in this respect, you and I. There is no doting here . . .

  22. For the first time ever, I actually watched some of the marathon on Sunday and wondered if you'd be out and about in it...I never would have thought about the logistics of getting the runners' stuff from Point A to Point B - fascinating!

    Thanks for all the photos and background info, very interesting.


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