monday monologue - still stuffed

Its was a lovely long weekend 
that began with leaving the office early on Wednesday 

dinner that evening was with friends
at Robert
in the Museum of Art & Design
(the restaurant photos taken with my iPhone)

 the view is as good as the food

we all pulled out our phones 
snapped the scene below

its even more magical on the ground

after dinner 
we headed uptown 
we tried to see the Macy's balloons 
it was truly insanely crowded so we said good night 

Thanksgiving didnt happen the way I hoped
the restaurant, in fact, two restaurants, I hoped to order in from
were closed
one was closing early!

we called around a bit 
ending up with burgers and limp lukewarm fries
thats not what its about
its about football

ToonMan enjoyed the day

I was lucky enough 
to catch up 
two from-out-of-town-in-NY-for-the-weekend friends 
who hadnt met before 
 we went to lunch

Saturday was an all beautification™ day
starting off with a blissful massage at exhale

Rose had a vet appointment, she'll be fine

we played with Jack and the presentation pointer 
if you say where's the light? 
he looks at the last place he saw it 
no matter how much time has passed

last weekend I got to the Flea Market 
picked up the new pillows
Jack approves, he loves that chair
which brings this post back to the beginning
the friends
I met for dinner on Wednesday
are the friends
who when they downsized their home
gave us that fabulous chair & ottoman

thank you again for a great evening, Lauren.
SIL we'll do Island Burgers.
It was a fun lunch
Maureen, Mary
I'll see you both soon.
now that the weekend is over
'life' gets back to normal
my husband can have his cave back

Hey honey, Nancy's coming over next Saturday