monday monologue - philadelphia

I headed to Philadelphia Saturday
to visit my friend and blogger

I hadnt been to Philly in more years than I can remember
it was my first trip via Amtrak

Got lost 
of course 
two nice cops 
gave me directions 
were they following me?  

Go on, do the loo thing, get coffee or tea
its another
verbose post!

White noise 
from fans in Amtrak's waiting area 
punctuated by announcements 
for departures 
special instructions 
"those traveling to Canada today" 
drown out the strains of 
Roger Miller's
 King of the Road

Red Caps wear red baseball caps 
There's no loo inside waiting area, Amtrak is clearly a male domain

I couldnt get ticket kiosk scanner to work 
"you're holding it too close" 
advised the French accented Asian teen

SO embarrassed 

Sat a bit 
went in search of the loo 
followed by a coffee at Tim Horton 

Still no track posted
I notice sign 
"Tracks posted 10-15 minutes prior to departure"

Check watch 
20 minutes still need to pass

Five more minutes

Seasoned Amtrak'ers arrive now, 
main area 
definitely filling up
they're moving 
like a herd 
toward the escalator 

I follow 

WiFi on board 
Too bad I didn't schlep the iPad
the hour trip 
could have been spent watching 
another episode of 
Breaking Bad

Note to self 
next time bring a pen
Had to sign ticket, no pen 
Lucky for me my laptop toting seatmate had a pen

At least I had valid ID   

Maybe a nap is in order


Too much to see
recorded with my iPhone through the train window
Traveling on the track next to PATH train 

First stop  
Newark 8:15

sign on the bridge read
Newark Makes
The World Takes

There's even an outlet to charge phones/laptops. Nice

Metro Park Islet NJ.  8:25

Even spotted two water towers!

Next stop Philly!

up the escalator

and there's the Angel
(these next photos were taken with the BIG camera)

Reena arrived 2 minutes after I did
we hugged
both of us took photos of the Angel
before heading off on our adventure
driving down Market Street

we had to do a lot of turning 
tracking back 
to find parking 

in the process 
I got to see a lot and take some fun shots 
out the car window

we drove by

on the way to

Reading Terminal Market

we visited
Isgro Pastry Shop
their window is decorated for Thanksgiving
because it comes first!

highly recommended it
Reena got pastries, I got biscotti 
(they travel)

Next on the agenda

Fairmont Water Works and Boathouse Row

we drove down the 
where the flags of every country are displayed

Cincinnati isnt the only city with fabulous murals

this is a mural dedicated to 

this one to 
Martin Luther King

while this isnt a mural 
it caught my eye as we drove by

next up 
some driving/walking through some older neighborhoods

my lovely hostess

my favorite photo op
Philly's famous South Street 
mosaics like I've never seen before

the mosaics are not confined to one building
they are on other buildings/businesses

they adorn walls

down a narrow street

along the walls

around the doors

I just loved it

Next stop
lunch at Tango
followed by
a visit to Reena's home 
a chance to meet The Professor 
Kramer the kat

after a lots of talking iPad, photos and such 

The Professor drove us back to town via a very lovely scenic route

 we stopped at a wine bar called 
where we spent 
more time talking 
drinking lovely wine
nibbling stinky cheese 
depositing me back at the 30th Street Station 

A fabulous day
thank you
Reena and The Professor, 
I had a great time and cant wait to do it again!

* none of the photos are signed, i was lazy