murals, street art and tagging oh my!

looks out over 
Findlay Market

mural of fruit, flowers and food near Findlay Market

Old Timber Inn 
on the Nothside 
is apparently a hip coffee house

the artist who designed Obey
had a hand in this

Not a mural 
street art none the less 
I love the contrast of the bright colors and the old rusted semi painted iron gate

This is huge and I could not get far enough back to get it all without standing in traffic
 the left side has real windows/cornices 
the right are all trompe l'oeil

 I forget who this man is, 
he's married to an artist, 
I remember that much 
what strikes me about him is his resemblance to 
Don Rickles
(turns out 
he is 
Jim Tarbell, 
a former vice mayor of Cincinnati 
and this mural 
stands four stories high 
on the corner of Vine and Central Parkway, 
nevertheless, he still looks like Don Rickles)

this one overlooks a gas station/parking lot

Mary was right, 
I should have gotten some close ups of the odd things that make this so fascinating
dont miss the flying pigs
CLICKIN' will Embiggin'

 not just a bike rack
every one of those little buildings represents a major building in Cincinnati

for background on 

 Cincinnati had a Pig Parade 
(like NYC's Cow Parade)
this one is clad in Artworks' crocheted statement style

 this clever mural directs people to the

 these two were in the same parking lot on adjacent walls

were in an alley 
a parking lot

I took photos of the whimsical characters that populate the larger murals

and lastly, 
more parking lot 
street art 
we got to see the taggers in action