I ♥♥♥ Cincinnati

I hope
 the title
will not cause
to run
click away 

its not going to be all that long 
well maybe it will 
there are lots of photos to see 
trust me 
Cincinnati is a really photogenic city 
THIS NewYawker 
has fallen and fallen hard for it  

Maybe it was the perfect weather 
ideal temperatures 
amazing food 
it could be the people 
especially my dear friend Mary
 who should be Cincinnati's ambassadoress to the world 

Okay .. everyone have their coffee?  
did you stop at the loo, go on do it now
here we go!

I left NYC via Newark Airport last Friday morning 
a full 30 minutes early  

I had no idea 
I was going to 
Kentucky AND Ohio 
at the same time.  

Mary picked me up 
we went to lunch in Kentucky at Otto's 
my BIG camera 
was in my suitcase in the car
 it seems the little point and shoot shots 
didnt turn out well at all 
so I stole this shot of 
from this site

Mary peruses the menu

After lunch 
we drove 
from Covington, KY to Cincinnati 
across the Ohio River 
via this 
amazingly beautiful bridge

Does it look familiar?

in addition to being in the movie Rain Man 
the John A Roebling Bridge was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge!

3 other bridges 
that link 
Cincy and Covington KY
this is loving called  
The Big Mac

 this is the 
Purple People Bridge

this is Taylor-Southgate Central Bridge

Next stop
St. Peter in Chains 
in this photo you can see the doors of 
St Peter's
with a reflection of 
Plum Street Temple's facade

and the 
Music Hall

we stopped here

just west of Central Avenue on the north side of Chestnut Street,
 in the historic West End. 
Its on a tiny plot enclosed by high walls and a locked gate
lucky for me 
I was able to squeeze my lens 
in between the bars to get this shot

Mary had sent me an itinerary of the weekend activities 
we managed 
to cover in its 
not exactly 
in the planned order
it didnt matter 
I was having a great time 

By late afternoon 
I was feeling the effects of the airplane trip 
we opted to order pizza for dinner
 Mary's wonderful husband Jay 
(who is a DJ for WEBN in Cincy with the handle Jay Gilbert) 
picked up on his way home

a brisk cold 
beautiful day 
armed with my BIG camera 
we headed out to meet 
a friend of Mary's, 
an Historian and Docent Trainer at Spring Grove, 
a handsome funny smart man 
who I wanted to take home with me, 

Findlay Market

we had waffles

I got Toonman buckeyes
a chocolate/peanut butter candy/cookie
and got myself a blueberry scone
from this lovely woman

she's smiling weirdly 
she'd just eaten 
something with spinach 
wasnt sure if she had any stuck in her teeth!

I shot this sign 
for my friend Suldog 
he and a lot of other bloggers 
are hoping to remind 
early Christmas decorators 
Thanksgiving Comes First!

Moving along 
to wander
 the stalls 
that are part of the 
Findlay Market

that's Phil outside 

Next stop was 

then to Madison's

Matt Madison's Mom 
a charming 
welcoming woman 
who told us how Matt came to make gelato  
He went to Brooklyn NY 
to learn from Italian gelato masters 
he bought all the gelato making gear and was ready to go
his Italian teachers suggested 
he might want to use a more Italian sounding name 
and so 
was born!

this mural 
is on a building that stands along the street outside Findlay Market
 its one of many wonderful murals 
on the walls of the various neighborhoods 
that make Cincinnati what it is 
there are so many murals
that I am devoting a separate post featuring them this Sunday

Mary and I left Phil
headed out to have lunch 
at Lunken Airport's charming restaurant
Alice Heyn Balterman, 
a native Cincinnatian and artist, 
(I happen to be lucky enough to have two pieces of Alice's art) 
her daughter 
(also an artist) 

Alice is 92 
from needing assistance walking 
she continues to create amazing
decoupage pieces and altered books

we both look so happy because Mary who we both adore was the photographer

After we left Alice 
we drove around 
so Mary could show me 
some of the other neighborhoods/sights

DeSales Corner

a fountain in Mount Adams

Northside row houses

 Union Terminal's clock
main rotunda

a chandelier
 in the lobby 
of the art deco hotel
Carew Tower

where we saw an exhibit of exquisite Art Deco clothing and jewelry

We also visited
the Taft Museum
Lloyd Library
the librarians were gracious and charming
both were quick stops w/o photo ops

I am now thinking a lot of this is out of order but hey if I cant tell neither can you so lets continue

Dinner with Mary, Jay, and Phil 
followed that incredible day 
at a terrific restaurant called 
followed by ice cream at 

What a day!

we met Phil for brunch in the 

 where we continued our gastro-gorge at 

After we left Phil
 we did some shopping
out to 
(we'd also stopped there briefly on Saturday)
both Mary and Phil are docents
so I got the best tour imaginable
here are some highlights

dont they remind you of a chess game?

a Tiffany window 
in the mausoleum of one of the Procters 
of Procter & Gamble
shot through locked gated doors

a stone bench I've photoshopped

we headed to the airport 
we stopped at the city's 
Sawyer Point Bicentennial Park

winged pigs 
which caused a ruckus among the citizens of Queen City
charmed me

this is a walk along the winding 'Ohio River'

 Noah's Ark rests atop a pole marked with levels indicating how high the Ohio has risen
I guess when it passes that branch there you'd need to get into the ark

Last but not least we stopped briefly in Covington, Kentucky
where I spotted this statue

 so I could get this shot of the skyline
seems like a fitting way to end this post

If you made it though 
I commend you
hope you come back Sunday to see the murals

Cincinnati, I love you