finally! los angeles recappage

After the long weekend away and return to a busy office 
I've gotten my photos together to share.  
I know you cant contain your excitement.  
Go ahead, hit the loo, get some coffee, tea. 
A comfy chair 
away we go!

Security at jetBlue at JFK was insane. 
I flew out later than I usually like to travel 
had upgraded to 
Even More Room on jetBlue 
which comes with the perk of 
Even More Speed 
this gets you on a shorter faster security check in.  
to tell the TSA 
- wait, is it the TSA?-
 Whoever runs the airport security clearly didnt get the memo


There were perhaps 
two dozen people 
waiting for body 
Every suitcase, 
every one of those silly little bins 
was put in and out of the scanners at least 3 times, 
there were several
 'please step over here' 
then its my turn
 I said: 
'I'd like two 8x10 and 6 wallet sized prints, please'
No reaction.

After the body scan a female TSA
(I've decided it is the TSA) 
agent asked 
'Ma'am, may I see your arm?"  
I gracefully extend my left arm, 
she looks at my watch and says thank you.
I think if she had just asked for the time

Once through security I had about 90 minutes before boarding.  
I grabbed a sandwich and a bagel, 
one cannot have too many carbs is my theory, 
and went to wait for the boarding call.  
It was an uneventful flight.  
The flight attendant up front was called Amber and she was indeed a gem.  
Having someone pleasant and funny
 - when she announced we had to put away our electronic toys 
she started listing the brands 
and made this sort of inclusive arm gesture 
'anything the glows' - 
made the 4 hours and 45 minutes fly by.

Landing in L.A. 
I was met by my friend 'F',

the mother of my god-daughter, 
someone I hadnt seen in a 
really really long time 
of course 
we spent the entire ride to lunch, 
all of lunch 
and then the rest of the afternoon 
catching up.

She and her husband 'S' have a fabulous house in 'the Valley' with a patio and pool  
If I ever in another life live in L.A. 
that is how I want to live.

Friday we decided to go to

I am not a museum person.  
Its not 
I am uncultured 
its that it takes me back to my school days 
mandatory art museum visits 

The Getty
is like



out shine


I was in awe
amazing blocks of travertine
with fossils
Meier's design
made me imagine
Yul Brenner's commanding the Jews to schlep stones for the pyramids.

There was a
Walker Evans photo exhibit on Cuba.
it made me miss
The Aunt
who as a pre-teen had traveled there with her parents
and saw
Cugat at a nightclub
a story she told many times.  

I was told not to take photos of art
I dont think Art noticed

But back to The Getty .. 

we opted
not to have lunch there
 tho many do
they picnic,
they nap,

they dine in
charming patio/terrace

We headed to Little Tokyo 

having a fabulous lunch of curry 
followed by
some shopping
Black Market
on Sawtelle

That evening we had dinner on the patio,
dining a fresco was a delight after all the rain back in NYC
a balmy late summer evening
good friends and good food
cant be beat.

Saturday we decided to take it easy.
S went running
we were to meet him for breakfast.

On the way
 the skies were bright blue
with little puffs of white clouds
it was very odd to hear
 really really

As we pulled into the parking lot
the skies opened up.
It poured for the hour we were there 

when it let up
we were entertained
by a meter maid tagging cars across the street

no one can say Angelinos dont have a sense of humor

S's family was in show business 
when his mother was no longer able to live alone 
she moved into the

care center which has several levels of living facilities.  
Photos are not permitted indoors 
I was allowed to take photos of the property
 its an amazing place.  
F is very involved as a volunteer, 
she knows everyone, 
everyone loves her. 
I can totally understand why.

 a statue of musican/actor
Buddy Rogers
greets visitors

 a very youthful
Roddy McDowell
tends a pool

this herd of topiary cattle
makes everyone smile

I welled up a bit at
Anthony Hopkins'
memorial to his

When we got home
S and I spent some time floating in the pool

That evening F and S hosted a dinner party for me.
Friends I hadnt seen in over 20 years,
I dont understand how they've aged while I have not
 - are you laughing? -
we dined indoors
the rain made the already cool
 - its the desert you know -
evening even cooler.

We ate
we drank
we talked
after the company left
amid a lot of laughter
we cleaned up before retiring for the night.  

Sunday I was heading home,
since it was Sept 11
there was bound to be heightened security
even longer waits to get through scanners
 F took me to the airport extra early.

There was no additional security
long lines
I got to spend 2+ hrs waiting to board my 5.5 hr flight home.
I hoped to watch NetFlix on my iPad
using LAX's
'free public WiFi'
it wasnt working.
Flight home was uneventful.
I slept most of the way thanks to my pal Xanax.
The End.

I think this might be the longest post ever ... stretch a bit you'll be fine!


  1. I love ya .... you make me laugh!
    What a fun time!
    Btw, how in the hell did you get to take photos in the airport??? I thought they had laws!
    Great post!

  2. What a wonderful trip! The Getty is more of a park that just a museum and the Care home is also pretty awesome. Love the topiary cows.
    So nice to visit friends who throw a dinner party for you!
    You look mahvelous, my dear, lounging in the pool!

  3. Looks like a great trip, and all the better for reuniting with old friends. The Getty looks fabulous and I LOVE those topiary cows!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  4. Excellent selection of images from what must have been an excellent trip.

    The "Hurry Curry" reminds me of a sign I saw in India:

    "Hurry Burry Spoils The Curry!"

    I think it was a warning that caution should be observed, where the sign was posted, but it always struck me funny.

  5. What a fabulous time you had! I love all the photos, especially the fossil wall - I'd love to see that and the topiary cattle - I wonder if I could do that with my hedge in the front garden? LOL

  6. Gorgeous photos!! I'd love to visit the Getty some day.

    Sorry about the mixup with my Friendly Friday post, the Google Friend Connect widget was supposed to be down in the footer but something has gone kablooey. I reinstalled it in the sidebar and it's working, I'd love to have you stop back over when you get a chance and connect! :)_

  7. oh, thank you for letting us tag along, loved it! what I love even more is the photo of you and toonman in the upper right corner saying 'hey!' - made me smile! xo

  8. What a fantastical weekend!! Loved the long post.

  9. What a wonderful trip!!! I loved your photos and your great sense of humor.

  10. oh you made my LOL several times :)

    and you both are so pretty
    love the shot of the two of you together

    and the house
    and your looks good in a swimsuit self in the pool

    and, and,

    well - you get the drift

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip...even with airport security thrown into the mix.

  12. Daryl, great post! Thanks for taking us along! I know it's vitally important that we go through all those checks and balances, but I miss the old days where you could actually go to the gate with a traveler and see them off. I miss all the hassle we didn't have to go through!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Hope this weekend is as good for you! Without all the hassle!

  13. WEll that is swell. All I can say is how did we get our wires crossed. We could have landed in LA at the same time. ( COULD they handle both of us?) I'm heading to the Getty this trip so stay tuned. I loved this virtual tour of LA with you and your dear dear friends.

  14. Now I want to go to the Getty! Sounds, and looks, like a great trip. It's so great to get together with people you have not seen in years! Glad you went and had a wonderful time.

  15. I have been here three times today.
    now finally I can say it was a great post, sounds like you like LA.

  16. Fabulous and funny trip you had. That's very much like my second life will be too! Can't wait. LOL

  17. the photo of you and Toonman :)

    What a fabulous trip you had and I enjoyed your recappage immensely!

    Were those wooden "tree vases" at the Getty. Looks like bamboo or something.

    Loved it all!

  18. What a great trip! And what wonderful things you got to see, and eat, and do, and photograph.

    Your posts are always such fun.

  19. fun post!! every bit of it. YOU look amazing!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  20. Loved every minute...the food, the friends, the sights .... and California! Indeed a beautiful state~rain or shine =)

  21. A very fun trip you had. Always good to get away and enjoy friends and new sites.

  22. Excellent re-cap Daryl-you sound like you had the perfect trip. Now I must go see The Getty!

  23. Well now, that truly IS a recap. There's so much here I don't even know where to begin. Sure looks like a good time with good friends. And that care center sounds wonderful.


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