sling shot

The Sling Shot 
is in the
Scream Zone

no f'ing way would I ever 
get into one of these 

there's not much to say 

 thanks for sharing the scream zone with me!


  1. aaaah Daryl that might be a fun ride...
    but definitely a death grip on the

  2. That thing is just insane. I wouldn't climb aboard that unless it meant someone's life (and it would have to be someone damn dear to me, too.)

  3. no way here either! GAWD.... talk about putting your life into someone else's hands.. no way.

  4. Absolutely NO WAY!!!
    But I like the pictures.

    wv: implug. They'd have to implug my tonsils from my skull if I got on the slinshot. Too much screaming.

  5. the third shot is freakin' amazing!! smack dab in the clouds

    I love the pink Famiglia sign - gotta love Brooklyn

  6. I can't make my mind up whether the people who go on these rides are very brave or very stupid. :0

  7. as you freaking way! That is scary just to look at - how brave the riders are or are they just out of their minds?
    Packing for a vacay on the Hillbilly Riviera (North Myrtle Beach). Enjoy your weekend!

    wv: embedne my butt would be embedne the seat of that ride

  8. We just rode The Windseeker - I forget how high it was - 301 feet high, or something. I am not at all scared of heights, but it was pretty damn freaky, I have to say! So I would TOTALLY do that wimpy Slingshit ride!!

  9. Add me to the huge list of "No way!"ers

  10. are you serious!!!! looks like a death wish to me!! xo

  11. I haven't always been a chicken. There was a time in my life when I went on rides like that. Hmmm. How long ago was that now. None yo business. Ah, I'll email you with that info. You are hilarious. I know that when I visit you, I will be thrilled. Have a perfect weekend Daryl!! LOL!!

  12. Greetings from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa. Have a very nice weekend everyone. Richard from Amish Stories.

  13. Daryl, I agree with you one that one!

    Have a great weekend! Though I have no idea how it got to be weekend again so quickly!

  14. Even with a mega-telephoto you will never, ever see me on this....

  15. In my youth, I'd have been the first in line. Every day.

  16. OMGG no f'ing way would I either lol. Glad to see all is well in the Big Apple :-)

  17. The Hubster says that would be cool, but he wouldn't go on it with me c'os I'd puke on him!

  18. The Sling way, not ever, no not EVER! I can't believe people actually get into that cage!!!! Insane.


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