three on thursday

Central Park at West 91st Street
no, silly,
its not where hippos play
its where kids play
on, among, with

these fabulous hippos


  1. Catching up on all your wonderful photos and Toonman's toons. Always fun

  2. Those look like fun... even for
    big kids.

  3. Oh wow, they look amazing! i have not seen them yet. We have a very cool DiamondBack rattlesnake here in a Brooklyn park that goes underneath and above the ground and is huge. these Hippopotamusseesssssss look real.
    great shot of them, looks like you were on safari!

  4. What a fantastic idea Daryl, little bit different from the usual swings and slides!!

  5. I don't know what it is, but I love animal sculptures. We went to the zoo last week, and they just make me happy. :)

  6. Wow! I wasn't expecting to see that either! Great shot!

  7. I love this! Now I want a hippo playground in my back yard. Wonder where I could get one...

  8. love how you set that shot up ... it's great!
    Do they eat grandchildren?

  9. Those are excellent. I thought, at first, you had taken some shots at the zoo.

  10. very cute hippos. I'll bet they are too hot to climb on in this weather!

  11. Oh for crying out loud!! How do you find these threes! You never cease to amaze me with the variety of things find on Thursdays.

    I have three insect bites on my left calf, I could take a picture in case you run out of stuff.

  12. the look like I feel
    actually I look a bit like them as well


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