A mere week ago
I was happy as could be
my glories
were climbing
I was lookin forward to

this is all that's left
ate all the leaves, 
sucked the life out of the vines
I am beyond sad
(Yes, I sprayed with soapy waters, seems they didnt care)


  1. Oh what the hell? Little monsters! I've had the same thing on one of my plants at our Florida house ... every year, caterpillars eat up all up, yet the plant comes back. Not sure these guys are going to though. I think it calls for a bottle of wine!

  2. Oh, that is so sad, darn little suckers!

  3. Oh no!!!
    The best laid plans.......
    Now go out and buy some bright zinnias blooming already

    less grief!


    word verification: unsafe!!!

  4. They certainly are voracious those little caterpillar things, what a shame, I was looking forward to seeing the end result of those plants!!

  5. Sorry to hear that. I don't know much about gardening, but perhaps it's not too late to try again?

  6. Hateful bugs! I have a pretty much dead looking hibiscus bush. Leaves are all eaten up and the stupid bugs do it every year... I told Hubby to just take the stupid thing out as I am tired of looking at it every summer. Bugs 4, Diane 0. I give up!

  7. Well my vines are huge and up to around 9 feet high, but no flowers! Something's definitely been munching on mine, too. Fucking caterpillars! I went online to try and figure it out - seems they don't like fertilizer (morning glories, that is), and they need to be ignored a bit (less watering). Who knows - they might grow, anyway?!

  8. yes, go get some flowers already in bloom so you don't have to live with the crime scene

    Hope thinks caterpillars turn into birds so maybe you just fed a whole flock of birds to be

  9. That's so unfair! They were doing so well. Brighten the devastation with bright flowers and don't give up. You've done well this time so you can do it again, and even better next time. Ask about to see if anyone knows how to stop them. Wish I could help :(

  10. Oh dear, I guess it's a good thing you got a view shots of the B'ham glories!

  11. You must have some mighty chubby caterpillars in that window box! The June Bugs and Japanese Beetles are eating my impatiens - at least, those that the deer don't get!

  12. I am sorry. Perhaps try again and add a bug-proof covering. The squirrels seem to eat most of the oranges, apples, and peaches from my trees every year.

  13. Makes me SO mad when that happens!!! Ours are actually growing about an inch a day...seriously! I can't believe how fast they are growing! I promise I will send you a picture when they are a little bigger!! xo Jeanne

  14. Geez...who would think they could eat that much in a week? They must have tummy aches for sure.

  15. Well...and I'm surprised Lauren didn't say this....POOPY

    Don't caterpillars turn into butterflies? LOL

    How could they be such mean babies?


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