monday monologue

This week 
I have a plethora of photos to share 
anyone who needs to use the loo, do so now 
 if you need more caffeine go get it now.  

This week's 
was a walk along
 The High Line 
(a third visit for me)
with ToonMan 
(his first) 
in his nifty 
new sneakers/walking 

We started at the new section, opened mid-June, I believe, at 30th Street/10th Avenue

the planting of grasses, 
flowering trees 
has grown much 
since my visit last year 
lots of new things to see

a newly installed 
bird house sculpture 
seems to be still awaiting 
this new terrace 
with umbrella'd tables 
looks out on 
10th Avenue at West 15th Street

to us both 
it wasnt 
the lovely park's
 lushness and new installations
that were worth 

 The buildings 
along The High Line's 
new section 
have found ways 
to make their new view 
part of their lives 
keep the gawkers

could be 
ugliest building 
I've ever seen 
there's a charm to its seediness 
that appeals

these 3 are odd 
because they're so very different
there's the old brick and mortar with its undisguised water tower
that strangely terraced building 
between it
and the glass frontaged building, 
its water tower 
tucked away from sight

then there's the view of 
what was or maybe will be: 
Pier 54,
what are you?

My favorite part of the walk 
are these 
amazingly glorious windows
the colors of the glass 
echo the colors 
of the 
Hudson River

I'll get the light just right

We exited at West 13th Street/Washington Street

there was a lot going on 
ground level
There's a restaurant on the corner 
and that clown outside it
ToonMan of 
The Simpson's Crusty
(both Crusty and this clown remind me of Graydon Carter)

then there was the photo shot, 
likely for a magazine

a film crew 
on the next corner 
prepped for its next shot

Not enough excitment?

On Saturday
I did my ritual beautification™
and met my friend, fellow blogger and Blister
The Baroness aka Shelley for lunch at, where else?, Recipe

After we ate and talked and talked and talked 
we went to Zabars 
where Shelley 
whose excellent sense of humor 
lets her play silly games like modeling these oven mitts for me
I love you, Shelley!

On Sunday 
ToonMan and I walked 
once again 
further than either of these Edelsteins 
has walked before 
Riverside Park South

I took a lot more photos
there are newly installed sculptures from the Art Students League 
of course I snapped them for you 
but you'll need to wait to see those
this post is long enough

gentle readers, as you were!

I leave you with the money shot

** none of these photos is signed or edited in any way .. I was too lazy


  1. Daryl, I really love what they did with the High Line and the views there. Seedy or not, it's a great looking building.

    Love the dog shot. Our boxer drinks water from a bottle too when we take him for walks... that's a great looking pup you captured and I hope someone gave him a home.


  2. I loved walking the High Line with you! You captured it so well. We didn't see the terrace tables when there but it looks like a great view. Love your Pier 54 shot!
    Fun weekend! Looking forward to the sculptures!

  3. ONLY in New York! Love the photos Daryl, all so well done.

  4. I'm worn out and it's not even 9:30! The money shot is definitely a BIG money shot. ;)

  5. the money shot is a sweet one!
    and the Toon Man looks cool in his new sneeks

    I saw a docu on the High Line about how they plant and how cities all over the world are copying the model

  6. You would make a wonderful professional guide! Especially when you include a cute dog at the end. I love this post and our mutual friend!

  7. That last photo - adorable. Makes me want to jump on a plane to New York to adopt that dog and to hug that little boy giving him a drink!

    Your walk was certainly full of adventure. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I so enjoyed that walk and the scenery Daryl, thankyou. x

  9. I love that "seedy" building... it's stereotypical old time NYC to me. And the parting shot is great. Can't go wrong with kids and dogs.

  10. oh thank you for the wonderful walk, loved it! but the money shot beats it all - I'm still smiling xo

  11. Was that driftwood? I loved that idea. Oh, I embiggened them all and drooled. The film crew one, I'm sending to my brother. I liked the guy with the kite too. I loved the buildings. I love NYC and you!

    Oh AND thank you so much for telling me about DEADWOOD! I told my brother and he's ahead of me in episodes. I'm savoring one a night. We are both saying the "F" word quite a bit more LOL

    Love the movie!!

  12. Must. come. visit. soon.
    What a great weekend and great pictures!
    That clown was totally Krusty - AND Graydon! Haha

  13. Great Shots, Dar!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    My new blog posts are not updating in blogger/reader OR links on others' blogs
    Please come and visit!!

    Comfort Spiral


  14. Daryl, another wonderful weekend in New York! And wonderful shots!

  15. Hey there - wow - lots of photos here. I loved walking the High Line with you that one time. How exciting with the photo shoot and the film crew. Good you're getting out there together. That was the best part, actually.

  16. (Hi, Shelley!)

    I love the white High Line building with the rustic fence. A perfect yet unusual blend of urban chic and ...Native American? That may not be the right description but I love the juxtaposition of the two quite different styles.

    Thanks for the tour.

  17. That was a great walk.. someday ..
    I will drop in and tag along..

    Another great money shot !!

  18. that is definitely the money shot my friend! Nice job!

  19. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never even heard of The High Line. Where exactly does it begin and where does it end?

    (Oh, nevermind. I'll Google it after I post this comment, and I'm sure I'll find out it's something I should have been enjoying on my last six or seven trips into the city.)

    The money shot? Oh, my. No comment I make could possibly add to the laughter of those who get it.

    And kudos for the Toody and Muldoon reference.


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