monday monologue: waterfall hunting

 sunblock - check  
comfy shoes - check 
camera - check 
ToonMan - check 

Have you all had your morning java or tea?  
And have you gone to the loo?  

The sounds of rushing water water falling can have its effect

Here we go

Because we're us 
(okay because I am me) 
we took a cab up to 100th Street and Central Park West 
armed with directions 
printed from the Central Park website 
(and as back-up a nifty Central Park app for the iPhone) 
ToonMan led the way with me saying 
shouldnt we be walking in this (the opposite) direction 
(yes, Lauren, I know I tend to get turned around)

as we walked 
I could hear the 

While I was snapping away 
continued to walk 
following the printed directions 
toward this little bridge



  we could see this

We kept walking 

through the overpass

across another bridge
to find this

We kept walking following the water

to this

this robin 
waited as I got the camera ready

it was almost 3 pm 
when we headed back 
out of what the directions said 
the North Woods
I had no idea there were North Woods in the Park
the light was kind of magical

no long post, 
dear patient reader, 
would be complete 
without the money shot

this single orange beauty
some sort of lily

** no signatures, too lazy.  but all photos embiggen with a click


  1. Wow! I had no idea such beauty existed in Central Park. Have never been this far north....looks like it was great fun. Stay cool!

  2. Love your walks and all that you discover. Such magic in the city... now that's just way cool. :-)

  3. If/when I get to visit NY I must see North Woods for myself - magical!

  4. Thank you for this post, very relaxing for my otherwise crazy mind this Monday. I love exploring new places and I love waterfalls. The lilly is a Tiger Lilly I believe- with a double bloom.

  5. Well, that was fun ... and hot! Like how you softened the water flowing in the waterfall. And the last shot... spectacular! Yep, some kind of lily! :)

  6. Wow. I would never have guessed views like this existed in the heart of New York. The light does look magical, and those fairy-tale bridges are to die for. Wonderful photography - thanks for taking us along on your walk.

    Thanks too for your comment with tips on photography in high humidity areas. Next time I go butterfly hunting I'll be better prepared.

  7. Ah, it's a lovely walk. I should take more of them, myself.

  8. Daryl, isn't it lovely finding hidden treasures!
    Thanks for sharing! I've never been to NYC and I'm really enjoying your views of it!

  9. You two are such intrepid searchers. . .thanks for sharing the beauty!

  10. I think what I love more than anything is your love for each other and that you go out and explore together. Yes, I'm envious.

    I focused on the curved wood on the bridges and always wonder how they do that :)

    Blown away by such beauty in "just a cab ride" away!! WOW! And that was a huge bridge. Glad you had Toonman in shot for comparison!

    Ahhhhh. Thank you.

  11. I just love Central Park. Spent many an afternoon walking & enjoying & I know there is SO much I didn't see. Yup, time to go back to NYC!

  12. It sometimes seems you can live in a place forever and still find some thing new, even without looking for it.
    The money shot is stellar, however, the petrified duck-billed platypus turned water fall in shot 4th from the end sure has my vote!

  13. It's always magical to go on one
    of your walks.. love em !!

  14. another lovely hidden spot Daryl. I think my daughter went for a walk in the woods once. I didn't get to get there unfortunately. My sister and I did get sort of lost in The Ramble once though! Is that what it is called?

  15. Wow! that Lily ids gorgeous!
    & so is the lovely scenery. Thanks for sharing your journey with us Daryl.

  16. Well, now. I am so impressed. Not only with your beautifully captured lily (which should be framed), but with your discovery of these North Woods and the beautiful waterfalls. Bravo!


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