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July's theme is 
I am sure there are lots of ways to illustrate green in your city
in New York City 
where the city never sleeps
Green means Go
Green means Recylcing
is also the color of 
This green is in Riverside Park
Happy July!

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  1. What a neat tree .. it looks like
    a living slingshot

  2. another good old tree in an unique shape

  3. How weird is it that we had the same idea for today? Love your green.

    wv-manoweed. Enough said.

  4. That tree must be very old. Any clue as to it's age?

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  6. What a fascinating gnarled old tree - I can just imagine its story...

    Once upon a time there lived in a bit of greenery in a bustling city two young trees. But they were rooted firmly into the ground and could only stare at each other.

    Many years passed, and the trees developed strong sturdy branches and many leaves. They were lovely, but quite lonely.

    One day, the first tree, deeply in love, decided to reach out to the second tree. It began pulling itself out of the ground, exposing its roots, and bending its longest branch toward the other tree. But some of the roots began revolting, insisting the tree would die if it continued pulling. The roots argued and argued, and then the tree began arguing within itself, as the strong branch pulled wth such a mighty force that the trunk began slowly dividing.

    "Look what you are doing to us!" bemoaned one side of the tree to the other. "We are splitting, and our roots are almost completely out of the ground - if we continue pulling, we will surely uproot ourself!"

    But the other side was making progress, and the second tree was beginning to reach out also...

    The strong branch kept reaching out. "If you are afraid, stay here or pull the other way, but I must keep going." And so the trunk of the tree continued to divide as one branch pulled hard in one direction to survive and the other pulled hard in the other direction to reach its love.

    After many years of struggle, the strong branches of the two trees finally touched. Nuzzling, they began wrapping themselves around each other, small branches of one becoming entwined with small branches of the other, the leaves of each indistinguishable.

    The branch of the first tree that had pulled to survive watched the love dance of the two trees and became so despondent, it bent toward the ground, its branches resting heavily upon the earth. As it bent, it pulled away from the old trunk even more, creating a small hole in the heart of the tree, and waited for the time when it would die.

    But the other branch, bent on love rather than survival, lived on happilly for many, many years in a bit of greenery in a bustling city.


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