wordy reflections

This is an old photo.  
I know 
couch has been gone 
at least two couches worth of time
 It was so comfy 
how comfy was it?
when you sat on it
within minutes you were asleep
  Maybe not minutes 
there were many hours spent sleeping vs watching TV

I am not sure what Rose is looking for/at 
I am amused at her reflection  
And you thought she was Siamese (twin) 
connected to another cat 
didnt you? 

We live on the ground floor across from a park  
its like living in 
The Wild Kingdom 
for those of you too young to recall
 that show 
its like living in a Safari Park
 but on a much smaller scale

 Recently we've had an ant invasion
  I am not happy about them
 The other night 
one actually crawled up
 the side of my mug

Worse even
we occasionally get water bugs visiting from the basement. 
Hey live on the ground floor 
you get warm floor but occasional visitors
Jack likes to catch and kill 
but he leaves the dead carcasses behind 
either to prove he is a killer 
as a reminder to any other creepy crawly that finds it way into the apartment
Beware! bug killing cat in residence

while generally sweeter more demure 
 is a lethal killer who eats her dead

On that note I think I've grossed us all out enough.

Oh wait.

Did you notice
that if you go to edit your posts
through the Dashboard
Blogger has a whole new look?
Check it out.


  1. old pic - and a whole new look;

    you are a Renaissance Daryl!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  2. How funny, I didn't realize it was a reflection at all, I just thought you used to have two very similar cats.

    I used to love watching Wild Kingdom (cue Mutual of Omaha commercial now LOL).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. I thought it was two kitties...until I noticed the 'other' sofa.

  4. I'm not a cat person but I'm all for killer cats!!

    Going to check out the new look of Blogger... can hardly stand the excitement of it all.. LOL

    Cute post by the way.. :-)

  5. Rose is gorgeous Daryl, I used to have an all white cat called Lilly, she was an excellent mouser, and she used to leave the bodies on the step by the back door for me to see how clever she was, not so nice to step onto when you are half asleep hahaha!

  6. I thought you had two white cats!! Meeps like roaches. She amuses herself with them and then leaves them for me too! :)

  7. I though there were 2 cats... my Rosie is getting too old to hunt. She enjoyed leaving her kills at the front door lined up. Her favorite prey were chipmunks- or as Midge used to say "shitmunks". I loved Wild Kingdom!

  8. Isadora is always looking under the sofa
    I think there is an under sofa world only cats can see

    I hate water bugs, they're huge and slimy

  9. I thought it was two cats too.

    I don't like bugs, I do like ground floor living.

    Now I have to check out my dashboard.

  10. Same here I thought it was two cats. Bugs are ok if they are outside! Same with the critters my cat drags home! EEK!

  11. You are a master trickster because we all thought it was two cats, and one really long couch!
    I am plenty old enough to remember Wild Kingdom and crotchety enough to tell the internets. lol

  12. I thought it was three cats (two whites and a black). I hope this isn't an inkblot test.....

    ANTS!!! Get thee some Terro. Immediately. They are evil and will evict while you are sleeping.

  13. FINALLY .. have an internet connection that doesn't take 15 years of my life to log in ...

    Just had to comment that I beat you on the ant problem ... at my desk at home Monday .... felt something in my hair and ..... YES ... A BIG BLACK ANT .... big eeewwwwwwww!!!!!
    I'll take the little ones anytime!

    Okay .. in Portugal and having to squeek out internet time in the wee hours of the morning ... guess they have a limit on bandwidth or whatever .... ugh!


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