moody blue

Hudson River
lots of space to drop anchor
W. 79th Street Boat Basin
across the river
New Jersey high rises loom
Rain is on the way
Did it cool things off?


  1. We had rain last night - finally. Big thunderstorm that cooled things off a little bit. Thank you.

  2. We had rain here too! Still going to be 91 today, but then drop lower over the week-end, and that certainly does not make me feel BLUE. Love your photo today!


  3. Love this! I hope some rain will cool us all down. Oh my is it hot.

    Keeping my eyes on the morning glories :)

  4. I want those thunderous clouds! I hope it cooled you off and didn't leave you steamy.

  5. There's just something awesome about boat pictures. Love it!

  6. I'm praying for some rain. My garden is too. Beautiful shot Daryl!

  7. such a pretty place
    the storms here last night did little to cool things off but at least the lawn was watered

  8. Lovely pic! Thunderstorms last evening and again today...still very warm though
    Have a great weekend, I know it will be interesting:)

  9. Nice shot.
    We are finally having warmer weather, almost 80 yesterday, others are complaining, but NOT I...

  10. Beautiful! I'm guessing the rain was only slightly cooling.

  11. The weather in Wales was great this last week!

    Love the photo Daryl. x

  12. I love watching storms on the water. Hope it cooled things off for you. We had a storm go through last night that helped with temps here for a bit.

  13. Daryl, love that shot!
    It cooled off here, then again it didn't have to go as far as you guys! It hasn't been hot at all so far this year. Jeeze I havent even put the a/c in yet!
    Have a great weekend, like I know you always do!

  14. If that was the storm from Thursday night, then I was sitting on a plane at JFK for three hours till the storm passed over, missed connection in LA, had to go home via Sydney. Ugh. Only an extra ten hours total. 40hours door to door.
    Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, or even meet up with you Daryl. Life was a little crazy with a new baby, mister two, and a bad cough.

  15. Very nice harbor view...
    I love this sky and the light on the water...
    Greetings from France,



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