monday monologue

There is no place on earth hotter 
Birmingham Alabama  
I swear.  
Mathews Virgina
 in the dead heat of mid-July 
isnt even as hot 
my Blisters will attest to how hot Mathews is  
Right ladies?  
Birmingham is a fabulous place to visit 
once you get acclimated to the heat 
I took more photos than I can count 
had the best food 
got some amazing photographs 
you wont see them here
this is a NewYawk blog 
if you want to see my time in Sweet Alabama 
you'll have to go on over to 
 for wordless photos 
over the next week or three anyway 

for today I will share some of what I did 
with the gracious lovely Virginia (Virg to her friends) Jones 
who has two blogs for her two loves 
who let me sleep in her guest room

Last June
Virg introduced me to her friend Mary 
Mary doesn't blog but helps us photographers find some amazing things to snap  
You may recall Mary from our trip to Vegas last October

that's Mary, me and Virg

without too many more words 
here are some highlights of my visit
 waiting to go through security at 
LaGuardia Airport 
I saw this sign 
Laughed Out Loud
 Saturday morning we went to Pepper Place 
I bought this tee for ToonMan

We also met up with StevieWren who blogs at A Little Birdie Told Me
that's my knee stickin' up between Virg and Stevie
who brought along two of her gorgeous granddaughters
to say hello to this Yankee visitor

After we visited all too briefly with Stevie
sweated off 20 lbs
wandering Pepper Place taking pix
we went to lunch 
doesnt everyone who visits the south have BBQ?
do they have desserts like this?

after lunch we drove around Virg's hood
stopped at Smith's for something I cant recall
while wandering the aisles I saw this
I am guessing they're for BBQ frog leg lovers

Dinner was at little savannah

afterward we went to Chez FonFon for dessert
coconut cake for Mary and Virg
lemon tart for moi
(bad low light iPhone photo, sorry)
Yes, we ate constantly
I am going to fast for a month
yeah sure

Sunday after we drove Mary to the airport
Virg and I went photo hunting
you'll have to go to Through My Eyes to see what we saw

I wish I could have stayed longer
I invite you all to go see the other photos
visit Virg
visit Stevie

My flights were filled with kids and noisy 
so when I landed and got into the car to go home I relaxed
ah New York you never disappoint
stopped for a traffic light crossing East 96th Street
I spotted this
you're not in Birmingham any more
a cow figurine/statue in a window
only in New York!


  1. I only have three words that will stay with me forever: "Fried Banana Pudding"!!!

  2. Lemon tart or frog legs ... such decisions, such decisions! Looks like loads of fun!!! Kids on airplanes should be forbidden ... now you know the reason for my url! LOL!
    Only kidding ... I love children as long as they belong to others!

  3. Snow globes are a security threat?????????????????

    Nice to have you back Daryl, sounds like you had a fab time.

  4. How to fill up a weekend with only unexpected non ending nice surprises in the company of a dear blogger!

  5. What a lovely time you had! I'm so happy you were able to get away for a few days- Love the pictures, the cow made me laugh:)

    Did you know that you can deep fry Kool-Aid? I guess deep-fried are the magic words!

  6. no wonder the snow globe industry is suffering!

    I will be thinking about cheesecake balls for a long time

    sounds like a wonderful trip with great people

    love all the photos
    welcome home

  7. Love the TSA sign. Talk about specific! Have they been inundated with a rash of snowglobe smugglers lately?

  8. Sounds and looks a super duper trip!
    I have a chum from Birmingham who now lives in NYC

  9. You have eyes for fun and beautiful details!
    Love it!

  10. I'm lovin' Monday Monologues. ooouh, peanut butter pie! I haven't had that in forever. 5000 cals a slice.
    However no comp for the fried cheese cake, (you didn't really eat that ??)
    sounds like a fun weekend,,

  11. You got to hang out with cool V? I love the top photo of you three glamour girls together! Smashing!
    Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  12. Daryl, sounds like you had a great weekend! Yummy as usual!
    I envision future airline flights to include paper clothing one will have to change into before boarding. No carry on and attendant wearing biohazard suits. So much for snow globes!

  13. What??? Sorry, I have "Rolling In The Deep" cranked up and i can't hear a word you typed!

    lol @ dirt shirt

  14. As hot as it was, you all look so cool. And fried cheesecake balls? Oh, my. Welcome home ~

  15. I'm drooling over the BBQ. And fried cheesecake balls.

  16. Well I love the condensed version of your visit but you "could have gone all day without showing me with a sleeveless top on!"! HA I love your photos of my fair but small city compared to New York Ceeety, as we say down here!

    Lord and I thought you knew how to spell YA'LL!

  17. And for the record, I'll eat fried okra all day any day , but I"ve never stooped to eating "Fried Cheese Cake Balls"!

  18. A true jewel of the south...Birmin'ham....

  19. I'm glad you said that was your knee-it took me back a moment!
    & it sounds like you had a great trip too Daryl! I'm so glad it went so well.

  20. You should have had banana pudding..
    so delicious that you forget about the heat and humidity... okay maybe
    the gallon of sweet tea does that...

    Tell me you did have sweet iced tea??

  21. You gals sure know how to have fun! Thanks for showing me some southern hospitality.

  22. very cool - love the cow and NYC best of all!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  23. Hi Daryl...I'm so glad that you clarified that that was your knee!! LOL

    love the gray hair, girl!!!

    no snow globes, hey?

    sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  24. My mind is boggled by the no snow globes!!! We have a restaurant here in Mammoth that has deep fried pickles and now okra...last night I had deep fried mac and cheese!!! Getting me ready for a visit down south I'd say!!!

    Thanks for the fun tour of your trip!!!

  25. Well, missy, I've been to B'ham when I lived in Montgomery for 3 years!! I loved Alabama but there should be another word for hot. Sweltering comes to mind.

    Sounds like you had a fabulous trip and I'm also glad you clarified the knee. I'm going to wander over and read more :)

    Every darn thing we eat down here is fried!

  26. Oh! Love Toonman's shirt! We have that red dirt in NC too!! LOL


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