last sunday

ToonMan and I took our walk 
I popped over to the GreenFlea to get some tea 

I snapped a game of pick up in the school yard 
families at the swings

kids playing on the slide and jungle gym

In Riverside Park we strolled 
on past our usual turning back place 

someone walked for hemophilia on Christopher's Crew

a pull off/call me about Art of the Garden
and a staircase down to the highway 

couples reading on a sunny bench

playing with pets and smart phones

communing with nature and the internet
a modern day Sir Isaac

my favorite find on the walk 
back down Riverside Drive 
I spied
not on the curb side
in the park!

Old No 12 just hanging
waiting for the next dog

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  1. All sorts of people out enjoying the beautiful weather, I love it :).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  2. Wonderful series of people around.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  3. Oooh...torn between the stairs down to the highway and the older couple sitting and reading. They're sitting so close together! You know there's a lifetime of stories there.

    Thanks for sharing your walk!

  4. I hope a dog showed up so No 12's wait was not for naught!

    Love how everyone is out and about in NYC. Always something going on.


  5. Wonderful tour - my favorite is the staircase. Wooo! My mother used to take me to the park by Riverside Drive when I was in a baby carriage. I don't remember.

  6. A really wonderful photo essay.
    I love the staircase shot!
    Summer in New York captured fabulously!
    Carletta@Round The Bend

  7. Loved your walk, Daryl. Especially that last find!

    (and the steps)

  8. so love the photo of the senior couple sitting in the sun - it's the man reading the book - love it xxo

  9. great shots of a day at the park
    I love the modern day Sir Isacc

  10. Nice to see people enjoying a Sunday. :)

  11. Terrific collection of summer in the city. I love the modern day Sir Isaac. I wonder if that Apple dropped from the tree.

  12. Love your Sunday walks...
    too bloomin hot here to get out
    and about.

  13. Oh, my absolutely favorite is the picture of those stairs. Love it!

    wv: expente. A person could expente a lot of energy walking up and down those stairs.

  14. The stairs are something else! I love the variety of activities on your walk.

  15. What a lovely walk (wonder if old number 12 got his dog). Hope this Sunday was just as wonderful, despite the yuck weather...

  16. Your summer photos were so enjoyable! It is certainly great to see what others are seeing and it widens the summer experience. Sir that an Apple he's typing on? Wouldn't the original Sir Isaac have loved access to today's technology!

  17. I love people watching. Everyone in your picture is so wrapped up in their own activities.

  18. I really liked walking along with you today Daryl!

    Love the staircase!!

    It's kind of amazing to me how many of the older generation I have seen reading Kindles lately!!


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