wash out

After a glorious week 
of near summer temperatures, 
 very few clouds
 in the sky
 we had 

 I got to head home early 
but it was so overcast, 
so its going to rain any sec,
 I decided to head home 
doing a little wandering.  

There are some 
Tom Otterness sculptures

(not this one, this was in front of the TimeWarner Ctr a few years ago)

 outside a hotel on West 42nd St 
that I am itching to snap
they'll be there next time I have time.

I headed to see John

Sam and Chris Salon 
 he did he usual magic 

See how important beautification™ is?!

Next it was home to grab ToonMan and the BIG camera

We'd Googled 
directions to the 
in Central Park

I was psyched.   

ToonMan and I 
would hop a bus
 (a concession to his continuing recovery) 
get some good shots

when I got home 
he was sitting at his iMac
 still not dressed
 he said something
he hated being a spoil sport 
the weather didnt look at all enticing

 I said 
I was used his being a wet blanket 
settled in to read

 I read a very good well written well plotted mystery 
13-1/2 by Nevada Barr 
who writes a mysteries set in the various National Parks and feature Ranger Anna Pigeon
 I had sort of grown bored with them.
 I am not sure how I discovered 
 its possible I read a book review 
tho I didnt remember it at all 
as I opened the e-Book on my iPad

 The afternoon and my disappointment melted away 
as the story unfolded  
I wont give much away by saying 
there are twists and turns that will surprise 
even the most clever reader
I was so sure 
I was right about whodunnit, 
I wasnt

I finished it in one sitting!    
Check it out here.

more rain 
there was sunshine 
Polished Beauty Bar 

my friend Autumn co-hosted 
along with 
Susan and Micki Nam of Polished 
a Stella and Dot jewelry party

that's Micki's husband Mark holding the door exiting party-goers.  

Polished is so popular with clients 
that they hold 
birthday or bridal shower or kiddie parties there 
Dot and Stella event 
followed a morning birthday party.

To be cheery 
what the humidity did to my hair 
to celebrate 
a new pair of JBrand red skinny leg jeans
 I got my tootsies