monday monologue

First it was Angry Birds,

 the countless hours I spent
 sitting with ToonMan in hospital 
many were spent killing pigs.  

Then it was Words with Friends

 at one point I was playing 4 games with one friend 
she sort of cyber slapped me
 into one game at a time 
with her

When life calmed down
I found the Nook app

began reading using my iPad

Look at my list of Good Reading
see how its grown

Next I found Scrabble 
another friend has repeatedly beat me

I discovered the app for

 I know
everyone else in the universe 
has been loving NetFlix forevah
 ToonMan gets DVDs AND watches downloaded films on his iMac.

I've developed a jones for the BBC's excellent series. 
The Brits do it right and they say 
fuck and shit
just sayin' 
it blew me away the first time 
I heard a character say fuck

What am I watching?  
(no one sings or dances or is on an island or in a jungle) 
its about the people who survive a Pandemic
 ToonMan compares these sort of shows to The Stand 
(I worship Stephen King and The Stand) 
I compared it to the defunct TV series Jericho 
without the exploding bombs. 

In any case I am hooked.
I am also watching 
Starz is about to launch their own series called Torchwood - Miracle Day.  
I've discovered Glee, 
no, we haven't watched it but I am sort of liking it
my old Aaron Sorkin fav Sports Night
Netflix rocks.
Wait this isnt a post about NetFlix
(no one has compensated me for kvelling about these apps, games or programs)

Putting that all aside 
(ok, I did let GrandmaJ murder me at Words)
I did get outside this weekend. 

after I got beautified™ 
ToonMan and I walked through the park down to 72nd St
over to our vet's office to
donate the left over IV meds, flushes etc.  
Seemed a sin to toss out good meds that could be used to help sick animals.

the annual Broadway Malls Memorial Day Street Fair
stretched from 76 Street to 96th Street

lots of people

 lots of vendors

lots of food

lots of food

lots of people

didnt I mention
lots of people?

a new 

 after the block after block
 of the same kiosks/booths 
of the same stuff 
there was the Author's Corner.  
The only name I recognized 
was Eli Wallach 
 he wasnt there when I walked by

It was hot and crowded and I was schlepping treats for ToonMan so not a lot of photos
just a lot of words
but then that's what Monday Monologue is all about

 this weekend is about honoring 
all those who serve 
have served
keeping us safe

Thank you to all of them
to all their families