monday monologue

Sunday was such a beautiful day 
after my mani/pedi stop at Polished

 I headed home to get ToonMan and the camera and off we went

Riverside Park was filled with people out enjoying the sunshine, 
warm temps 
each other.

Families picnicking

ToonMan dubbed the Promenade: 'the concourse'

It leads uptown to the Community Gardens

Awesome vineage on this tree caught ToonMan's eye

On the way home we spotted this little one 
(her parents were very close by) 
inspecting the dandilions

We came home to find this - I am so glad my camera was handy


  1. It was such a beautiful day yesterday! So happy to see the kitties getting along so well! Too adorable. :)

  2. That has to be the most beautiful endint to a post!

  3. I always smile when you take a pic of the Toonman out walking! What a happy day you had!
    Such a sweet slide show - so they secretly get along when the parents are away?

  4. Glad to see Toonman doing so well and out walking (and taking pictures!)! Those cats are adorable. Weren't you concerned that they wouldn't be friends?

  5. the little girl in the meadow is so sweet

    I love Jack and Rose sharing special time together
    under the billow Jack looks half peacock, how cool is he

  6. That little girl is just darling! Glad to see Toonman out and about, and I like the vineage too.

  7. We're going to have a lovely week this week. Well, warm, anyway. Love the cats!

  8. What a lovely day - ours was grey, but still awesome.

  9. Still amazed you can just go for a walk FROM YOUR HOME and see so much! I love that the two of you enjoy each other so much...almost like the kitties :)

  10. I knew it! I knew the day would come! It's a springtime love fest at your apartment.

  11. Love the little girl in the field. But the sweet surprise was the kitties! What a beautiful day yesterday and you had wonder all around you!

  12. My favorite is the lamp post..and the little girl...and Toonman...and they're all good, but that lamp post really caught my eye.

  13. bless Rose! she knows the way to sooth a ??? friend.

  14. That little girl is priceless, as are your kitties and ToonMan admiring the lamppost. A good day had by all! Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Priceless... glad you had your camera handy.

  16. What lovely pictures!

    Your post was a lovely reminder of when we visited Riverside Park last year. We also got some great shots and thoroughly enjoyed the walk to the 91st street garden.

    Thanks for the memories!


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