monday monologue - unraptured

The weekend is over.  
I assume you'all survived the non-event:
The Rapture

it always sounded sort of porn-ish to moi.  

Anyway it was a non-event. 

 I beautified™ 
a gloriously divine deep tissue massage
Saturday morning 
at Exhale 
 the sound system that pipes soothing music into the dimly lit massage studios was kaput.  
One wondered
 if it was a foreshadowing of the end of the world 
but no one there seemed to be aware


I headed back to the Westside for my weekly hair appointment, 
the salon was abuzz with chatter
 would it or wouldnt it

Concensus was not

When I got home ToonMan was deep into a computer game 
he didnt appreciate my 'are we walking or not?' query 
so I decided to head out to Apple to get screen protectors for both my iPad and iPhone 

Apple was out of them but these people were recommended.  
Price was right.  

When I got home 
ToonMan asked if I wanted to take a walk down to the 79th Street Boat Basin.  
I did.

We took the wrong route 
had to walk through the restaurant/bar, 
in the rotunda
the music and chatter were deafening.   

When we made it to the waterfront 
the sky looked 

very end of days

 So we walked a bit faster, 
with fewer stops for photo ops
I dropped my Point&Shoot 
- again - 
this time I think the zoom got damaged

 I am not a happy camper
I love my Olympus Stylus 9000
it fits in my pocket and/or purse 
goes with me everywhere. 

I am happy that life goes on 
 My friend Mary and her husband, Jay, 
were in town for the weekend 
staying at another friend of mine's apartment 
just upstairs from us  

Sunday morning we went to brunch at my favorite Recipe

Do these two not look like twins?

Add to the chill in the air, the not quite rain/mist
 a street fair
 The Amsterdam Avenue Festival.  
was represented by a pig roasting
for real 

roasted, then sliced and served

they were also grilling calamari.

After brunch the men headed back to our apartment
Mary and I went to
Stoopher and Boots 

where I snapped this baby hat with crabs on it and this fun crab shaped pillow

I took the shots for my pal 
who has a crab hat of her own

 she let me model it once

Arent you glad the world didnt end?
If it had, you'd have missed seeing me look like a goof