are you still with me?

We did a lot of walking.  

Sunday after my weekly Polished Beauty Bar beautification™ 

I got Toonman to take a walk. 
 He said its not a walk, its a photo op.  
I cant imagine where he gets that impression

This time we headed east, past the outdoor diners at Monaco on the corner of 80th/Amsterdam

Toonman strolled along

stopping to point out some pretty red tulips

fun blue stairs

Then we got to Columbus, 
this is the first of 3 weekends of
Crafts on Columbus

loved this woman and her pooch
totally chic

Then down 81 Street to Central Park West

the trees lean into the sun

they were bussing 'em in at the Rose Planetarium

We crossed Central Park West 
entering the park through the
Hunters Gate

Toonman is hunting video

I did some flower photo hunting


little yellow flowers 

which way


this fellow was nice enough 
to let me get a shot 
that actually
in focus

Everyone was on their way into or out of the Museum

the best part of the walk was meeting

Mud is a tortoise who was being 'walked' in 
Theodore Roosevelt Park
(we seem to be heavy into Roosevelts this weekend)
on the 77th Street side of the Museum

I was transfixed

these pedicabs were on lunch break

I cant imagine not wanting to be


there is so much 
to see
these young women were serenading passersby
on Columbus 
outside the

As a reward after all that walking we went to Westside,
our NOT A SUPER market,
and got
Ice Cream
he passed right through Produce heading on to the frozen foods

I thought a shot like this would be a the perfect way to end this post!

As an aside, the 'arty' photos and more boring flower photos are on my other blog

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  1. Absolutely fabulous.. the best
    walk I have had in weeks.

  2. What a wonderful Sunday walk you had. Thanks for the tour!
    Ice Cream seems a perfect way to end it all!

  3. I think her poor dog looks silly and knows he looks silly, but that woman's hat is officially the coolest hat ever.

    I embiggened the picture, but I still can't figure out what she's got on her feet. But she looks comfortable.

  4. now that was some walk !!!
    great pics....I shall come back later and look to see if they are signed..

    good to be back, after someone buying my domain, l have reclaimed my old blog addy

    lub saz x

  5. Oh great photos Dayl and I did enjoy seeing your neighbourhood. :)

  6. I love all the shadows you captured, especially on the blue steps and of the trees
    and I adore the leaning trees
    wonderful walk!!

  7. A photo op? Now where in the world would he get an idea like that? Crazy thought!

  8. I'm pooped! Let's sit down and rest. I'll have two scoops of that vanilla!

  9. What a great walk... thanks for taking me along!

  10. That was some walk! I'm taking the pedi-cab back if you don't mind.

  11. Love all your captures along the way, ESPECIALLY mr. Mud - he looks like he enjoyed his walk too!
    Toonman is so funny...'photo Op', hahahaha!

  12. what a great walk, and a perfect ending!

  13. I LOVE pedicabs. They totally saved some girlfriends and I in Washington DC when our feet just couldn't go on anymore. Two of us were literally limping down the sidewalk. Have I told you how much I dislike getting older and having my body wear out? Well, anyway, Pedicab came to the rescue.

    What a great walk you two had!


  14. Fabulous walk--thanks for sharing it. Love "Mud" the tortoise and Toonman hunting video (ha! whose photo op was it supposed to be?).
    And you finished it, um, tastefully ;)

  15. What a nice set of photos. Thanks for the walk - I actually knew a lot of the places! But I've never seen anyone walking a turtle.

  16. I'm stopping in produce and see ya at the door, go get a coffee,I'll be awhile.

    wv: flogingu.. oh yeah now that is a word to express anger.

  17. I loved the lines, angles and shapes in these. What a great walk. Thanks for taking us along.

  18. Loved this.. such a nice tour you took us on. I loved Mud and the starling.. and the steps.. and..

  19. You deserve ice cream after that walk! Great shots Daryl!

  20. Oh my, what a wonderful stroll. So enjoyed it. Thank you.

  21. This is great. I love walking too. So much to see! Your walk was lovely. Fun to see different places.


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