I wonder if a tree is felled on Riverside Drive
 if their number is retired
reassigned to a sapling?  
What, you ask, 
made me wonder 
even think about such an 
esoteric or is it existential thought?  

During our walk Sunday 
as we strolled down Riverside Drive
 on the Park side 

I noticed this

I walked closer to see who was nailing things to a living tree

It was a numbered disc

No. 437 is near 83rd Street 
its not between  No. 436 or No. 438, 
I believe - 
dont hold me to this my brain is leaking and I am not as annoyingly positive as I once was
 - it was next to No. 439

Trees are branded, but why?

What are you wondering about this Wednesday?

Edited to add:  I Googled tree tags and while there was nothing specific about Riverside Drive's trees, I found this .. click here