weekend recappage

 I need to say I had a great weekend
I did take my camera along 
there's always a but(t)

We were seated at a round table 
tightly situated between the bar and 3 other tables
(44th Street and 10th Avenue)

 with just enough room 
for the waiters/bus boys to make their way to/from taking orders/serving.  
Ergo, there are no group snaps. 

While Annie wanted to take home our waiter 
we didnt ask him to snap us 
trust me 
there was no way we could get a shot of all of us at the table

Once we got outside we had to deal with my continued lack of sense of direction:  
Where's the theatre? 
 42nd between 10th and 11th.  
What's the number of the building?  
407 West 43rrrrrrrrrrr.. ooops ... 

We got there in plenty of time to use the facilities before being seated.
 Its a tiny theatre so all the seats are good seats 
we were in the center 11 rows back .. 

Going to see Love Loss and What I Wore
was wholly (or holy) Mama's idea
I offered to pick up the tix if she coordinated picking the date

What's the play about?  
Its about moments in our lives as women 
that we all can identify with on some level 
now it relates to our clothing
I know sounds silly, vapid but its not.

The cast was superb

I had only ever seen Donna McKechnie before, 
I saw her in the original cast of A Chorus Line 
 I was sure Rumer Willis
was going to be, well, less than wonderful.
I was wrong, 
although Rumer needs to learn to 
she was quite good.

Sonia Manzano, Fredi Walker-Browne and Annie Starke
rounded out the cast.

If you want an afternoon of female bonding 
good theatre, 
go get tickets
its a revolving cast, every month there are new actresses


  1. So nice that you could all go do this. I love the shots you did get!

  2. What a wonderful Sunday!

    That waiter wouldn't come home with me. He said his boyfriend would be upset. O well...

    Annie Stark's eyebrows were priceless! She can throw a better brow arch than anyone I've ever seen!

    WV: quiliter - Perhaps I should stay home and become a quiliter...nah! Sundays in the City with Daryl are much more fun!

  3. What a wonderful day you guys had! Who couldn't love a waiter named "Heaven"?

  4. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! The play does sound like a great one!

    wv: bling The girls put on their bling and went to a play

  5. A perfect "girls' night out," dinner and a good play.

  6. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday!
    Now I must go see this too.
    : )

  7. Sounds as tho great fun was had by all and that was the point, I take it?

  8. What a great way to spend the day.. good friends, good food, good entertainment. .. good recap too!

  9. Funny - I would assume Rumor Willis to be a bad actress too. Nice to hear she is not.

  10. LOVE to,
    and thanks for the cute, patient turtle...

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  11. At first glance I thought you wrote, "its a revolting cast..." :-)

    Glad you had such a good time. And its too bad that Annie wasn't able to take home your waiter.

  12. And we're going back when the next cast comes! It was wonderful!

  13. Is the bar in a former church? Or was the decor imported to give that effect?

  14. sounded interesting Daryl.
    up here, we had a baby arrive unexpectedly Sunday morning.
    Supposed to ring up and go in for an induction, Jo got contractions instead.
    In hospital at 8.30am baby by 12noon.
    Mother and baby well, and home already on Tuesday, or was it Wednesday? I can't remember already! I think it was Tuesday.


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