visiting eleanor

After being beautified™ at Salon AKS 
Saturday afternoon 
 I joined Toonman on a walk
Riverside Drive

 He with the FLIP 
 me and my Point/Shoot. 

the path splits 
you can go to the Boat Basin
down the path
under the overpass

past the basketball courts

past the promenade 
with its 
benches and checkerboards

the path splits

 one way goes to the dog run
we choose the other fork
where this water fountain 
has a sweet dedication

the first lilacs I've seen this season

sparrow in a tree

a beautiful statue of
Eleanor Roosevelt

72nd Street

On the walk back 
we stopped in at my sister's 
(aka SILESQ)
she gave me these 

the $$ went to the breast cancer site
thanks, SILESQ!
they fit!


  1. What a nice stroll, seeing the lilacs made me smile, I love lilacs. How sweet is that monument to Wolfgang Buchner. He must have been special. Wonder what Eleanor is pondering..

  2. I enjoyed the stroll with you. When he passes MWM wants me to organise a bench bearing a plaque with his name on it at the railway station because he loves trains so much.

  3. I loved our walk with TM. I predict he'll have a blog soon! :)

  4. wasn't it a beautiful day yesterday?
    thanks for sharing yours with us Daryl.
    & I love Eleanor too.

  5. What a lovely scenic stroll. It was nice to tag along. I love lilacs...could smell them all day. And the dedication plaque made me smile, especially after visiting my kitty in the hospital this morning. Thanks for sharing your walk with Toonman.

  6. What a great day.....I am glad that Tune Man is doing so well.

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day!

  8. Very cute flip-flop, wonderful cause too!

    Thanks for another great stroll with Toonman!

  9. Looks like you enjoyed a lovely spring day. Cute flip-flops!

  10. Great Stroll. Love that checker/chess table in the park! And those flops are awesome!


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