three on thursday

The premise of Earth Day is a good one.  
I dont think it should be a single day in April .. 
it should be every day
every nice day, 
on rainy ones stay in 
plan for a sunny day
Get out there
hug a tree
breathe in deeply
dont forget to exhale!
plant some seeds, some bulbs
remember to take time
to smell the flowers
you can smell the coffee when you get home


  1. Very true and your gorgeous photograph just makes it. We have a beautiful sunny day today, unlike yesterday when tornadoes ripped our state apart.

  2. So cheerful! No rain today, so I'll go hug a tree:)

  3. I love their little red highlights
    they're such pretty girls

  4. Hugging, I am! Not even embarassed anymore.
    Hope your day is good, Daryl!

  5. I cleaned out my garden plot yesterday...
    Very purty tulips, my friend!

  6. So colorful and really beautiful. I can smell them.

  7. Lovely flowers and I agree that every day should be earth day.

  8. Love the yellow... i seem to be attracted to the yellow and lavender flowers combined together :) ~ something about those two colors!


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