they're back - patsy & mickey in side effects


  1. This one is so tender and sweet. I love Apples and Shaddup!

    And I hope Ray sings to you sometimes.. he has a nice voice. :)

  2. So sweet! And I hope Ray does sing to you:)

  3. I want to play cards with Patsy and Micky.

  4. I hope Ray sings to me ;)

    the last minute or so is so sweet and touching
    and the dialog!! I would fill the comment box with my favorite lines
    Patsy is adorable and so quick in his delivery
    but that Mickey - OY!! he melts my heart that sexy devil

  5. Oh my goodness! This had me in happy sweet tears. Absolutely precious!

  6. Oh, my gosh.

    * sniff *

    Apples sings! And he's such a leading man. Clint Eastwood eat your heart out.

    And don't tell me to shaddup.

  7. Hey! I can't play it - when I click onto it, it says "This video is private." What's the matter? I'm not loved anymore? :-)

  8. (Same comment left on You Tube)

    I love Patsy and Mickey. Or should I say, "I love Shaddup and Apples?" Very funny, also touching. Well done!


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