sunday in the park with Toonman

Sunday was a truly perfect day.  
Sunshine, warm breezes.  
A perfect day for a walk.

Toonman set the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at 90th Street
as his walking objective

to get there and back
would be a

We walked through Riverside Park
 along the promenade 
past the 
Community Gardens

If you want to see all the beautiful flowers and flowering trees I saw, 
you need to go 

At 89th Street there is a long and winding road, er, path
leading up .. up.. up 

 up.. up..

to the stairs, all 21 of them

they bring you to the base of the monument on Riverside Drive

where Toonman used the FLIP
(thanks, SIL)

to record the walk
by then the skies werent quite so sunny

nevertheless it was a perfect afternoon
I hope you enjoyed the walk,
come on over to
to see more.